Please, have another go at the MicroSD expansion card

This really needed to be spring loaded (actually, I think the cards themselves needed to be but I bet the Framework 13 style case is locked in for a decade now)

I have a lot of difficulty taking the MicroSD cards out and it is never clear when they are inserted correctly.

I would say a full size SDXC reader with a good quality UHS-II adapter card would work better.

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They are working on one. But it requires them having a custom SD slot made.

Interestingly, the slots were originally going to have springs, but this was determined to not be the best option for the user experience. See more here

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That is interesting. Especially considering every other microUSB drive I’ve ever used was spring loaded. It never occured to me that Frameworks wouldn’t be

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The expansion cards themselves were originally spring-loaded, which had the unintended effect of launching them out of the laptop.

Some may see that as a feature though.


Correct, I should note that I was talking about the expansion cards themselves originally being spring loaded. We don’t know about the pre-production of the MicroSD expansion card, but non spring loaded slots do exist on many computers other than the Framework Laptop.

While there could always be a MicroSD expansion v2 that adds a spring loaded mechanism, it does not seem to be a priority for the team right now, as they are currently working on a full-size SD expansion card.

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