Pre-announcing the SD Expansion Card and a new YouTube series

Today, we’re pre-announcing that we’re developing an SD Expansion Card. Normally we don’t announce a product until we’ve fully locked the feature-set, brought up the necessary suppliers and manufacturing environment, completed most of the engineering and a substantial level of testing and validation, and are on a high confidence path to a specific release date at a specific price. This is because development of brand new products requires charting a course into the unknown. We set a target for what the product will be from the start, but as we proceed and learn, we often need to adjust the schedule, scope, and cost, and sometimes even need to outright pause or cancel development. Announcing just before shipping is how most companies operate to reduce churn and public uncertainty, but it means the product development process ends up extremely opaque.

We decided we’re going to treat this one product on our roadmap a little differently. A full-size SD Expansion Card is consistently the most requested Expansion Card by the community, which makes it a great one to open up. We’re just at the start of the process now, and Hyelim on our Marketing team is creating a new YouTube series to share updates and insights as we go through the New Product Introduction (NPI) process. Take a look at the first video and let us know what you think as we complete (or don’t complete) the product.

11th Gen Intel Core Mainboard now starting at $199

When closing out the Compal factory in China that we originally used for subassembly manufacturing at the start of Framework Laptop (11th Gen Intel Core) production, we learned that there were a substantial number of finished and partially finished Mainboards left. We recently processed these through our factory in Taiwan to test them and update firmware. To get them out into the world faster and ensure they don’t go to waste, we’re dropping the price substantially. The i5-1135G7 Mainboard variant now comes in at $199 USD, which is less than half of the original price, giving it one of the best price-to-performance ratios on the market for single board computers. With the Cooler Master Mainboard Case, open source 3D printable case files, and a huge range of interesting community projects, there are a ton of great ways to use these.


This makes me very excited! Would be fun if it would be world’s first UHS-III card reader :sunglasses:

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That is absolutely insane


If that came in a whole laptop, I’d have instantly bought that. I might even cancel my AMD pre order, as that is insanely cheap and good value. My only concern is battery life, the first generation isn’t really known for that… but damn.

Considering that most uses of the 11th gen (at this point) would be with the coolermaster case, or another case, battery life is likely less important. That said, I do wonder why Framework and Coolermaster have not thought about a version of the case that would support adding the battery. Otherwise a UPS is required and that is far less efficient than utilizing the battery.

Those are some awesome prices for an 11th gen NUC:

Love the transparency and heads-up! What’s the reasoning behind this move?


You are a few hours too late. Now I already ordered an SD-Card reader I plan to use as an expansion card: Delock Products 91498 Delock USB Type-C™ SDHC / SDXC UHS-II / MMC Single Slot Card Reader

I’d be very grateful if you could specify the specs planned (at least the UHS classes and read-/write-speeds) within the next 14 days, so I could cancel my order eventually.

Love the transparency and heads-up! What’s the reasoning behind this move?

If I had to guess, I’d say this thread played a role in it:

I wouldn’t cancel my order if I were you. Unlike a typical product launch, these details have not been ironed out in advanced. The whole point of this exercise is to expose us customers to the real development process where, in Matt’s words,

So, I think you should be prepared for any of these things to actually happen.

Super exited for the videos, by the way!