Please Tag Your Posts And Read This Before Posting a Support Question

Hi everyone,

I wanted to post some things that will make helping everyone out a lot easier.

PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING: Are you looking into the forum because you’re having potential issues with your Framework laptop? Before creating a post, we may have a guide, FAQ, or thread that can hopefully help!

In the body of your post, please include those following details.

  • Which OS (Operating System)?
  • Which release of your OS (Operating System / Windows 10, 11, Distribution of Linux)?
  • Which Framework laptop (11th, 12th or 13th generation Framework laptop) are you asking for support with?
  • If this is a Linux issue, please use the Linux tag or at least put Linux in the title.

If there is no information pertaining to your issue or question, please let us know here: Framework | Support

Matt the Linux Support Lead at Framework


Maybe this could be part of a template when posting a topic here? Is that a thing in Discourse?


You already mentioned what I wanted to suggest on this thread. Yes, Discourse has a topic template feature. You can see the details on the link below. @Matt_Hartley Why don’t you use it? I wonder how much people find and read this thread before posting.


Great idea! I will see about this next week (likely Monday). Appreciate it! Reminder set so I can do this right. Today is a bit all over the place.


Hey @Matt_Hartley just giving you a heads up here, it seems that this is still not implemented yet?


Thanks for catching that. It’s live now.


I have to agree, the format is not welcoming in the least. the assumption in the current mode of mostly proprietary and therefore fragmented means of communication is that people know how to use ‘your’ favorite channel. Have been finding something very similar with Slack. Easy to use, AFTER you learn how to use it. Same for discourse, easy to use, AFTER you learn how to use it. Start from the beginning. It is NOT INTUITIVE, and that’s a really bad way to go in the first place. Sure RTFM, but people will read a manual if it’s short enough, and direct enough. 1) You are here 2) This is how you get started. I am guessing, the engagement rate for the community part is low, not because it’s not worth engaging, but because it is a DIFFICULT platform to engage with as a new user. I am 63, my cousin is 87…nuff said

For instance, HOW do you tag a post?

Also please repair the typo in the thread heading, ‘read this’, not ‘this read’

The drop-down box to the right of the category selection. It seems front and center for me on both desktop and mobile.


Fixed. I never noticed it, funny how one’s brain can sometimes just auto-correct typos.

There is no tag option in the forum when using the Edge browser on my end. This is what is showing. The tag option does show up on mobile so I’m guessing its an edge thing?

Windows 11 Pro - 23H2 - Edge Version Version 124.0.2478.80

UPDATE - I ran the recent Edge updates and the tag option returned. If you are using edge and the Tag isn’t there update Edge.

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There is no tag option on Firefox. Also tried with Chrome on mobile with no success.