Please welcome Loell to the Linux support team!

Please welcome @Loell_Framework to the Linux support team!

Loell will be helping me to address tickets and forum posts here at Framework.

Loell comes from a great tech background and will be helping provide Linux support for the Framework Community.

Matt Hartley


@Loell_Framework Welcome! You’re stepping into some big shoes; Matt’s great to work with.

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Welcome @Loell_Framework!

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Hello @Loell_Framework!

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Welcome, @Loell_Framework

Welcome Loell :smiling_face:

Welcome, Loell!
Absolutely wonderful to see the Linux team expand!!

(By the way, I think that somehow this topic exists twice so I had posted a comment here too.)

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Thank you for the warm welcome guys! really excited to be a part of framework community and to serve as one of the linux support staff, Looking forward to help assist community members with whatever Linux related issues they may encounter.


Dear @Loell_Framework welcome to the community!
You’ll come to realize that we’re not an ordinary community, but a community with a very broad range of knowledge, focus and ideas.
I’m excited for each and every new Framework team member and can only give you my best wishes to your future!

Have I understood this correctly,- now we have two people in charge of Linux support? Or does your focus shift with the coming event, @Matt_Hartley?


Matt remains the Linux Support Lead. Loell will be helping out with Linux support, reporting to Matt.


Thanks @Morpheus636, fixed my title section - updated. :slight_smile:

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So much truth. I lean on Anachron and a few others frequently. :slight_smile:

Morph fixed the titles here so it will make more sense. Echoing what Morph said.