Please Welcome Our Community Moderators

Hello, everyone,

After going through applications and talking with a few rockstar applicants, we would love to introduce our first-ever Framework Community Forum moderators!

I am super excited to see what they can bring to the community so, let’s all please give them a warm welcome!

Without further ado, our moderators are:


If you have applied and were not selected, please do not worry! We have had quite a few superstars apply but, unfortunately, could not bring in everyone to the team! As we grow as a community, we will be pulling more applicants from the application pool.

If you have not applied and are interested in becoming a community moderator for us, please apply here:

Thank you, everyone :orange_heart:


Welcome and thanks for volunteering!


Welcome, mods! Happy merging :slight_smile:


Congrats!! Good luck and hope y’all have a great new years!


Thanks for taking this on, mods.


Welcome, thank you, and good luck herding us cats!


Does anyone remember the EDS cat herder commercial from around 2000?

Great group of user mods. Glad to see this happening…


Brand new cat herders. Muhahaha :japanese_goblin:


Thank you for taking this!

For someone who wants to ask moderators for merging a thread and etc, I found a convenient mentioned name @moderators that describes a group of moderators.

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This is the nicest forum I’ve ever been on. Everyone is helping each other, we’re all in the same situation with this new hardware from this new company.

I’m on other forums that have deteriorated and it’s such a pleasure to come here instead.

There are no cats to herd here. :smiley:


@Fraoch - go jump in a lake.

Sorry, I couldn’t resist. I agree that this forum is and has been great. I’m having a blast learning things about the machine, different tricks in various OSes, and so on. The ability to create modules for the laptop adds another dimension that helps to encourage and foster collaboration and creative thinking.


I’m midway between Lake Erie and Lake Huron - which one? :thinking:

If you’re up for the polar bear challenge (or whatever it’s called where people jump into cold bodies of water in the middle of the winter), then I’ll leave the choice of location to you…have a happy new year.

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If you do this, please record it! /s

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There is a ping for this, but it will also ping a lot of staff. So we are not going to promote that ping unless it is for emergencies (for now). I am looking for a better method of pinging all community moderators over the entire team.

I am looking into a fix for this now and will update you all once I have one!


Oh my, I didn’t mean that I would jump into a freezing cold lake…and I hope that @Fraoch doesn’t, either, but to each his or her own. I do agree that if anyone decides to jump in a lake, video evidence would be great (and humorous).

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Oh, yes! I just mean that Fraoch better record it so I can keep it for the Framework archive :laughing: