Hiring a Community Manager

We all love jumping into the Community as much as we can, but both I and everyone else on the team feel like we never quite have enough time to do it justice. To solve for this as the community continues to grow in size and scope, we have just opened a position for a Community Manager! Check out the job description here: https://jobs.lever.co/framework/2eeba5c0-8e06-4a76-8271-f9313ce64223

The role is open as a remote position anywhere in the US.


This is not entirely related but I am just wondering if there is going to be internship or just learning opportunities in general for high school and college students at Framework over the summer?


I’m in no position to switch industries right now but this is a super cool job! Hope someone already active on the forums gets it

Hey there, I just joined the discussion community here, and found this post about a community manager. I don’t want to reveal too much (for privacy reasons on this public post), but I am a repair agent for a company for iPhones and computers, helping people with their computer issues, and I am someone who is working on a Business degree right now.

I was wondering if this position is open for someone that is currently working on a business management degree? I ask because I will be finishing in March of next year with the Bachelor’s. This job is really tugging at my heart strings, as I have fallen in love with this company’s idea of being repairable friendly after everything I have seen at my workplace.

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I say it can’t hurt to apply. The person who wants the job and is aligned with the company’s goals is better than the person who has the most knowledge. I figure that whoever gets the job will have access to Keiran and team, and others even, too, to help answer questions and the like.

Graduating with a business degree can’t hurt, either, but as a manager who goes people for what is not a typical skillet, and usually a very misunderstood position, I’m always more willing to give people a chance when they have a track record of adjacent work, and a demonstrated curiosity.

Best of luck!


Hi @nrp , does this mean that even if it is remote, we would still have to be located in the US? I know I’ve heard from other situations that people (Canadians, in my situation) have moved to remote work for an American company while still living in Canada. I don’t know the rules and regulations, and of course I imagine it would be far easier to simply hire from within the US, but do let me (us) know if that’s possible!

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We don’t currently have an entity in Canada, which makes it difficult for us to hire there. We can hire contractors in Canada for specific time-bounded projects though.

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@nrp are there any of these projects open right now?

Not currently, but we will post them on our Jobs page when we have any open.


I’d like to introduce @FrameworkBee aka Bee, who joined the Framework team today as a Community Manager. Bee will be jumping into the Community to provide help and feedback where needed and start to run new community initiatives.


Thank you, @nrp! I am so incredibly excited to meet everyone in the community :orange_heart:


Welcome @FrameworkBee! You will find this a great community.

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Welcome! @FrameworkBee

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Welcome @FrameworkBee ! I am looking forward to the initiatives

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Huzzah! Welcome aboard, @FrameworkBee!

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Welcome @FrameworkBee. Glad to have you on board.

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