Poll: Are you running Linux, Windows, or both as your base OS on your Framework laptop?

  • Linux
  • Windows
  • Dual Boot Linux and Windows

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I would just like to introduce here is a poll for Linux distributions only: Which Linux distribution do you want to use on your Framework Laptop?

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Linux Host with Windows in a virtual machine.


I run fedora with a windows virtual machine.

I’m using Windows Host with Linux in a virtual machine (WSL2) :stuck_out_tongue:


win11 and manjaro
i’m using linux 90% of the time

PopOS babyyyy LES GOOOO

I running Linux Mint Cinnamon 20.2 at the moment, it’s just rock solid.

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I have installed Windows on my Framework 3 times, and Linux distros of varying types 5 times. The farthest I got was with Ubuntu 20.04 using Sway. It was near perfect. Then I needed to use some audio application that would just work and work flawlessly, and that was where I just was tired of tinkering with Linux (even though I love Linux in general).

I decided it is just more stable and easier to run Windows 10 and run Ubuntu or Fedora through a VM. I get all of the quality of life improvements found on Windows (trackpad driver being one of the chiefest), plus hardware driver stability (relative). When I run Linux through a VM it is rock solid as a result of the host. For me, right now, this is just what I need.

I lock Windows down using WPD.app and Tinywall and I believe this has been the best of both worlds.

The sweet spot I’m talking about as well.


My machine is on order but will be using Ubuntu 21.10, have been using Ubuntu for 10 years now and seen no reason to change :slight_smile: :grin:

I have Almalinux as my main OS in Framework then VMs with Windows10 and assorted Linux distro.

Try Linux Mint Cinnamon 20

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Dual booting EndeavorOS [primary] and Windows 11.