A simple Poll: Linux or Windows

I enjoy reading many of the threads and posts on the forum. I have noticed the preponderance of posts from Linux users, rather than Windows users. There could be any number of reasons but the two that spring to mind for me are that Linux users are having more issues with the laptop or it could be that the Framework laptop has attracted far more Linux users, maybe because it is available without having to pay the Windows tax.

So I thought I would just ask the simple question - do you use Windows or Linux (any distro) on your Framework as your principal OS? That could lead to many other questions that others can ask but I am interested to know the proportion of Framework users who use Linux rather than Windows.

So here it is.

  • Linux
  • Windows

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Can polls be multi-select? There’s probably a good number of dual-boot users, and perhaps even some folks who could benefit from an “Other” category!


Hi @DHowett. I deliberately tried to keep it simple. I asked which is the principal OS people are using. I realise many will have dual boot but I imagine those people will still consider one of them as their main OS.


Can’t argue with that! :grinning:


Windows is on the main SSD, Ubuntu is on a 250 expansion card.
So I chose Windows.

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Right now it’s Windows 10 with WSL for a few projects that require some linux goodness. Sadly I just haven’t found a distro that checks every box for me, and I hate the changes made in Windows 11 (specifically not letting me move my taskbar from the bottom of the screen, WHY MICROSOFT WHYYYY). I will keep looking as that 2025 Win10 EOL date keeps approaching.


@Azure Yeah, they disabled the option where we can move the taskbar (top, right etc). I saw an article where they can move it to the top but you have to mess around the registry

@Brent_bak Yep, still makes me sad that apparently even that customization is gone now, and I’m happy enough with 10 to just keep using it while I can since I also don’t like that they’re also removing the ability to use it without connecting a Microsoft account. Linux is definitely my next OS, I just have to find the right distro (and I’ve been searching for a long time).

If you use StartAllBack, which I prefer to the standard Windows 11 start menu, you can move the taskbar to any edge you like. No manual registry changes required. Very good value.

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Windows 11 on the SSD, Artix on a 1Tb Expansion Card.

I had Fedora on my machine for the first few months. It was perfect right out of the box. They’re doing great stuff over there. But I eventually switched to Windows to make work/life easier (firmware updates, apps for work, etc.)

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I’d posit too that Linux people have a much higher preponderance to be forum people. Which could skew representation as well.


My Framework has been running Linux since day 1.


While I do think Windows 11 is giving Linux its best chance yet of gaining mainstream acceptance, I believe Linux desktop needs to see a lot of work to be truly positioned to take advantage of that. (It is the last 5% that is always the most difficult but important)

I would be very surprised if the real ratio of people using Linux as their primary on the Framework laptop was higher than 30%.

That said, I’ve installed Fedora twice and Ubuntu 3 times. The Framework laptop really does give you the freedom to use whatever operating system you want. (I mean by intentionally striving to support it. You can try to install Linux on anything with varying results.)

But like many, I have found Windows 10 to be the most stable and yet feature enabled platform so far. As its EOL approaches I genuinely expect Microsoft to about face on a lot of stupid decisions. They are essentially pushing people to Linux. Someone there has to realize that.

Couple that with Valve’s very well executed Steam Deck using Linux instead of a Window’s license and Linux desktop stands to gain some marketshare.

I am just happy proton/wine are able to create that pressure to Microsoft. Those projects, are probably the single most important projects going on in the desktop space at the moment, IMHO.


Me looking at the poll results, intentionally forgetting all my knowledge about statistics:


I highly recommend EndeavourOS. The arch way + graphical installer.

I see what you did there… With your nickname and all… :laughing:

Windows 11 (and 10 actually) are already opening the door for Linux to get some traction as you can even use graphically applications from Linux over your Windows through WSL2.

That said, I do use Windows 11 mainly on my FW laptop, although I have as well Elementary, Kali and Qubes in it too…

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I’ve been running Windows 10 and Manjaro since day one. Initially, I only booted Windows infrequently to run a security update or use a program that doesn’t play nice with Linux. Since January, I’ve been using Windows almost exclusively because I’m working on a project that all but requires a Windows environment and I don’t want to spend the time fixing Linux-related shortcomings.

I hope to be back to Linux in a couple months before repeating the cycle next January…

The Framework’s modularity and repairability appeals to tinkerers. Tinkerers are more likely to slap a Linux distro on something since it offers more tinkering.

Windows 11 is a shiny new thing, but does not seem to offer enough compelling new features over Windows 10 to justify a tinkerer switching over to it just for tinkering.

Windows 11 and Windows 10 as productivity platforms work well on the Framework, and those buying the Framework purely for repairability are not going to have much to discuss. Asking how to set the battery charge limiter to 80% would probably be the main thing.

I wanted a new toy, now that the glitz and glamour of the Surface Pro hardware ecosystem has worn off. I was a big fan of the Surface Pro connector, particularly for the Surface Pro dock, but I am regaining Linux support so that makes me happy.

I’ve played around with Arch before, even installed it from a CD with the command line a looong time ago. Recently I tried Endeavour but had some issues with display scaling. I actually was so close to going with Arch Linux GUI a while back, but I didn’t have the time to customize it. Might be trying that out again soon since I just got a great deal on an SK Hynix SSD and the swap is a perfect time to go full Linux again as a test.

edit: changed the link from the github to the official website