Pop OS - Don't use Ubuntu 22.04 Guide - Use 24.04 Guide

Install Pop_OS like normal. Install the fingerprint reader packages if you want to use it. Run the command to disable touchpad while typing. Enjoy

While current Pop OS is based on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS you should not be using the Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Guide. Pop OS has more up to date packages and Kernel. One of the main updates to Ubuntu 24.04 is the 6.8 Kernel. Pop OS already has this kernel. In the 22.04 guide it recommends switching to the OEM D kernel because it is more up to date and in the 24.04 guide they do not recommend this change. “Allow both CPU and platform drivers to be simultaneously active” is also not needed.

You also don’t need to follow the firmware update guide on Pop OS. Firmware updates are built into the OS. You should get a notification that an update is available. If one is indeed available.

Setting DRI_PRIME=1 should also not be necessary on ‘MOST’ games with Pop OS. I found most games automatically engage the dGPU and the ones that don’t usually just don’t need the extra power.

I found the AppImage to check if an application is using the dGPU does not work. I just used MangoHud and looked at VRM clock speed and core clock speed.

system76-power vs. power-profiles-daemon - Not sure how useful the switch would be. Would require a pretty lengthy test.

Fingerprint reader you just need

sudo apt install fprintd libpam-fprintd

sudo pam-auth-update

You will need to do the disable touchpad while typing config. I think this is due to how the touchpad is removeable.