Possible for gpu expansion that has dual usb c display alt outputs

Hey everyone! I haven’t seen this asked already so sorry if it has been. Would it possible for a gpu expansion that has 2 usb display outputs instead of just the single one that it will release with? The use is very niche I bet, but this will allow you to connect 2 external displays directly to the dgpu which could in theory be used for a surround setup.

I guess alternatively, do you think the gpu module would support an mst hub that could provide a similar functionality? I guess my main goal is to connect both of the portable monitors that I use (mobile pixels) directly to the gpu. A link to the product is here:
Mobile Pixels Trio

I realize that the mixed resolution/refresh rate could cause issues for surround, but theoretically if you could adapt the Framework 16 display into a portable monitor with a control board it could be possible.

As it is DP 2.1, it should have no trouble supporting daisy chaining and splitting to multiple high res monitors!
If more are needed, the Laptop ports can also be used at a small penalty.