Possible to.build AMD without wifi or bluetooth internal?

Hi with the pre-order AMD risen 7040 builds, is it possible to put it together without internal wifi and bluetooth? I’d like to use these as USB connected options when needed…

I pre-ordered the Ryzen 7040 series…

You can remove the wifi card pretty easily. But ordering one without wifi is not an option. The reason is probably a combination of things. One issue is that the overwhelming majority of people do want a wifi card. And at one point, the wifi was an install-it-yourself option. But the antenna connectors on internal wifi cards have to be handled carefully, and they were getting damaged at too high a rate, if I recall correctly.


Hey do you know if the bluetooth is removable relatively easily as well? Thanks for the info!

Bluetooth is built into the wifi card.

Oh, and welcome to the community.

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Thank you. Loving the concept and looking forward to putting one together whenever this preorder is ready <3

I suppose I can disable wifi and bluetooth in bios as well? Would love a hardware switch like there is for the microphone? Or is there one for wifi and bluetooth too?

[I just searched and confirmed the hardware kill switch is for the microphone but not for the wifi/bluetooth]


There is a BIOS option to disable wifi & bluetooth.
BIOS Guide: Security > I/O Interface

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For Intel, yes. For AMD, TBD.

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and even if there isn’t a BIOS option on the AMD boards, we do know that they use the same kind of wifi/bluetooth cards as the intel boards, so it will be relatively easy to remove the card and just use a USB one instead.

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