«Problems expected with Framework»?

Hi there!

Is there a compiled list of «Problems expected with Framework»?

«Expansion cards won’t be easy to remove for first few dozens removals»,
or «Screen pixel colors don’t always turn off at the same time, so you can encounter some glitchy colors on screen off»,
or «Kernels prior to ** refuse to work with our processor»,
«Touchpad palm rejection is not that great on linux»,
etc, etc.

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I understand the idea but it’s a depressing one.

I have no problems with my 11Gen 1165.

Further you run the risk of having a lot of whinging which doesn’t help resolve anything.

There is no general problem but you will find dozens of people that find problems, especially with DIY and various OS anomalies.

I will be blocking this depressing topic


That’d be great as to not duplicate already existing or known issues! Maybe even like a spot on the website.

I only know about the ones you listed so I can’t contribute :orange_heart:


One piece of advice for those who might pick up the Micro-SD expansion card, it’s not spring-loaded and the card fits close, like it’s meant to stay in there. Use tweezers to get it out if your nails are too short.

Reviews I’ve read on the Framework, like this one from liliputing, point up many of the caveats anyone approaching this project ought to have, especially if you go the DIY route.

Sounds like we’re talking about Linux distros here, so I can chime in.

I’m the new Linux Lead and this is what you can expect from me going forward in terms of Linux support along the way.

  • Kernels matter. Perhaps more so than than the individual releases (or for rolling, latest updates), which kernel you have will usually dictate your experience. 6.x kernels should be a focus with newer stuff (12th gen for example) - especially for those on rolling distros. There is a lot of good stuff coming out right now. On my main distros, I have 6.0.6-x on one machine and 6.0.7.x on another. My core focus will be 6.x kernels first, then I will work my backwards from there in testing and vetting.

  • Distros. Fedora 37 is rocking on 11th gen Framework right now. More distro testing is coming as is testing for 12th gen board later this week by me - Fedora 37 will be my first test of the 12th gen board. Additional distros will follow suit with my testing. But please, use semi-recent distro releases for the best overall experience. Ubuntu LTS distros are a bit trickier on this front, but it’s doable.

  • Pulseaudio to Pipewire. Some distros are making the switch over. This is going to confuse folks. Pipewire is backwards compatible with Pulseaudio dependent applications including Pulseaudio Volume Control.

Hopefully this sets a positive path forward for anyone who is concerned about compatibility.