Product dimensions DIY vs regular 12th gen

Hi, I’m maybe buying a DIY 12th gen soon. I had a question on the product pages. The listed dimensions of the DIY edition are 14.00" x 9.80" x 0.74" and 4.4 lbs, which is pretty chunky and not all that appealing as a thin & light upgrade to my already-dying 2019 xps 15. However the dimensions of the prebuilt version are listed at 296 x 229 x 15.85 mm and 1.3 kg, which works out to ~ 11.7"x9.0"x0.6" and 2.9 lbs which is very appealing.

My assumption reading all of the marketing literature is that the two versions are exactly the same laptop, right? Are the DIY specs wrong? Outdated? The dimensions of the box all the parts come in?

Thanks in advance for clarifying this topic.

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They are the same. 296 x 229 a 15.85 and 1.3Kg to 1.4Kg

This has been discussed, you can search the forum. If I find before you do I’ll link and ask your post be moved there.

If you look at the market you will see you can replace the lids between the 11 Gen and 12Gen

Sounds like you’re looking at the package dimensions/weight rather than just the device.

As far as I know, both models are identical, the difference is the way they’re packaged and obviously the level of assembly.


I noticed this too, and it appears to be an error on that page. Its not listed as packaged weight, it’s listed as product specs just like on every other page, but with what are probably package dimensions. It’s on this page that the misinformation is posted: Framework

I just ordered the 12th gen diy, and it better not be 4.4 lbs and 14” wide. :slight_smile:

Hi Scott and welcome.

Well I suppose you’ve got start somewhere on the forum :rofl: so don’t freak out when it’s only 3.3lb and the screen is only 13.5"

Would a 14" screen be so upsetting ??
The laptop isn’t 12" wide


Unless I’m looking in totally the wrong place, the Framework 13 specs do not list the product’s physical dimensions, or a range of possible weights. I genuinely can’t find this listed anywhere.

I’m just looking here: Framework | Choose Framework Laptop 13 DIY Edition (AMD Ryzen™ 7040

It’s also not in the knowledge base. It’s not a secret, I hope?

I’m sure it’s an honest mistake. Can someone please add it to the listed product specs?

The info does exist


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