[PSA] AMD + Mediatek 802.11x Linux Kernel Fix in 6.8.x

Just a little PSA. Linux Kernel 6.8.x has a nice little fix for select AMD systems using Mediatek chipsets dropping wifi when connected to some bands. this AMD RFI mitigations note is pretty useful for those of us with 7xxx or 8xxx systems where the clocks generated by the AMD notebook system can cause your wifi to go bonkers and the driver to crash and connection to go spastic.
So far I have had a solid connection to my home wifi APs for the last few days after fighting this issue for weeks.


Is it the feature/API described here?

When a platform is known to have this issue with any contained devices, the platform designer will advertise the availability of this feature via ACPI devices with a device specific method (_DSM).

If so, depends on BIOS support?

I assume this only affected / fixed MT7922 (RZ616) cards, and not MT7921K (RZ608). IIRC those are separate kernel modules for the driver…

I am not sure of all the details. All I know is the AMD RZ616 Wi-Fi 6E card I have is now behaving itself and acting more like the Intel cards I used to run. A little less performant but now just as stable for connections.
Before this kernel release I would lose my connections and have to reboot the machine to get wifi back going a few times a day. Also I think they started some of the pre work for getting the Pheonix1 accelerator. These should be quite nice when the new LTS kernel and 24.04 releases start hitting GA. (granted I am running arch right now so i get it sooner)

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JFYI - WBRF is only for dGPU. It requires BIOS support as well.

It doesn’t do anything on “APU only” designs.

So if there are improvements they’re “more likely” in Linux firmware (Mediatek just has another recent upgrade) IMO.