PSA: Liquid metal really can ruin your laptop

Well, It’s been roughly 2 months since I received my refurb FW laptop. I killed it today I think. Turns out, even with correct application, liquid metal can escape from underneath the heatsink. It got on my RAM and on my VRM’s. I don’t even know how it managed to go in every direction but it did. I’ll be posting a video of the error pattern later since I can’t make heads or tails of it. I’m just very sad now. I’m betting it’s unrepairable, which is ironic given the premise of the laptop. Learn from my lessons boys and girls and don’t use liquid metal chasing after that last little bit of performance unless you really can afford to replace the machine.


Liquid metal is liquid which is exactly why it got everywhere, and I don’t really think you would get that much more performance out of it, as it would only increase your temps by 0-5 degrees which won’t really increase performance much.

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It was already applied and under the heatsink…it wasn’t like it was a misapplication…

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Yeah liquid metal has never held any fascination for me. I’ve done plenty of risky things in life, but this is not one of them. Now that Honeywell PTM 7950, is some good stuff…shaved 2-3C off of a perfect Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut paste job. My 12th gen now usually sits at about 42C on AC.

Regardless sorry for your loss, it never feels good to lose equipment, especially when it is fairly new. On the bright side at least an i5-1240P motherboard replacement is very reasonably priced.

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The annoying thing is, I had thought to purchase some after seeing the LTT video about it. I decided not to since I already used the liquid metal and thought that my risks were minimal since the application went off without a hitch. I’ll likely pick some up for the new board, whenever I get around to buying it.

I like testing out exotic but not outrageous cooling methods. Stuff that the average guy might actually be able to play with. If I still had a desktop, I would pick up the IceGiant Pro Siphon Elite. That thing looks mad cool. I’m done with liquid metal though. I’ve experimented twice with it and both times I nailed the application, it was later that I got screwed. First was removal of a socketed CPU, liquid metal (a drop) slid off the IHS when removing and went into the socket, ruining the board most likely and now this. Luckily it was an older board that I was getting rid of anyways but still. This hurts though. It ain’t worth it.

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Ugggghhhhhh…that had to hurt. Yeah stay away from it.

Now this looks like fun.

Maybe you could try to mount it onto the laptop die when it is outside of the laptop, in the 3D printed case. :stuck_out_tongue:

I am thinking to figure out how to mount a NH-L12S or an AIO to the 1260p mainboard to increase cooling to see if 12th gen laptops can maintain boost with thermal headroom.

That is why the PS5 has tons of foam around the CPU to make sure the liquid metal cannot escape.