Recommended laptop bags / cases / sleeves?

How tight would you describe the fit in this particular backpack?


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Anyone bought a CushCase for the GPU-Model version and is using it on a Framework 16 without a GPU module? Is the fit still fine and does the laptop move a lot around?
I want to buy a CushCase and currently don’t have a GPU module, but in the future I maybe want to add one, so I want to rather go for the version that is made for the GPU module attached.

Yes, I have a FW16 with GPU and with the CrushCase. I have tried the FW16 without the GPU on my recent trip to Europe in the CrushCase and it seems fine to me, has about an Inch more space to move side to side in, but as the case is soft on the inside, it doesn’t pose any issues that I can see.

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I ended up getting a Modern Dayfarer V2 XPac (DAYFARER V2 Backpack XPak | Premium Gym & Work Backpack)

Con: My FW16 with dGPU does not fit the dedicated external laptop sleeve. I haven’t tried with it with the base expansion bay. It’ll probably fit with the base expansion bay but it’ll be tight. The FW16 with dGPU was too wide by 10mm.

Maybe pro: The FW16 with dGPU fits in the internal laptop sleeve. The internal laptop sleeve does not extend all the way to the bottom so there’s the advantage of having a false bottom. However, the internal sleeve is not padded. So the only padding is from the backpack body and the sides. As long as I don’t put any sharp objects against the internal sleeve, the laptop is safe.

Why did I decide to keep the Dayfarer despite the issues above? Because the above issues are not dealbreakers for me. And the Dayfarer just looks too good :blush:

Was this with a dGPU or not? Moreover, is there any premium everyday carry bags that can handle 17 inches laptops. Trying to find a good bag that can fit my FW16 + dGPU + CushCase and that has additional wiggle room in case of future GPU upgrades changing the dimensions of the laptop. Currently looking at these:

In the LTT bag, if you have the dGPU, can you still use the other two smaller compartments for another small laptop and tablet? Or are they so stretched that they can not hold anything anymore? I have another 13 inch laptop and a tablet.

Did it fit?

To create a screen protector I ordered this mousepad from Amazon:

I then used a rotary cutter (wife is a quilter and she is not aware I did this) with the laptop keyboard section on top of the mouse pad (had the screen open to 90 degrees and hung over the edge of the cutting table) to get it close to the correct size and then did minor trimming to get the final fit. I elected to cover the entire lower section of the 16 and not just the keyboard.

You can actually make 2 FW16 covers with this pad. At $9 the pad is relatively cheap and the only thing I would use. I got the idea from using a very thin mouse pad (I somehow acquired) to provide the same protection on my FW13 for the last 3 years. Unlike cloth or other material it won’t wad up, is not easily creased, and you always have a mouse pad if you need one.

It is very thin with satin material on one side and soft rubber on the other. It fits perfectly between the screen and keyboard and puts zero stress on the closed screen/hinges.

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As I have no tablet, i can’t say for sure, but it should fit.
Atleast an 13 inch laptop does fit in its dedicated compartment.
Of course, you can’t put an Switch or SteamDeck in the supposed place, but the 16inch pocket is still useable.

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I ended up getting the patagonia black hole mini mlc 30l. It is a tight fit with the dgpu but it works. It’s been on 6 flights already and the laptop is fine.

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