Recommended laptop bags / cases / sleeves?

Just ordered a Von Holzhausen 16" sleeve after seeing it in an Apple Store. The Flap closing mechanism instead of a zipper should allow, in theory, any depth of laptop. It’s not real leather. It’s made of recycled plastic. Keeping with the sustainability mission. Will update when it arrives. It was only $35 off ebay so it’s worth a shot.

Another bag worth considering is the CoolBELL 17.3 Inches Convertible Laptop Messenger Bag - currently on sale through Amazon. I live in the Uk and this ships from the US, but only took a week to arrive so that was also pleasing. But I have just received the bag, and it fits great in the padded pocket. Plenty of options of how to use it / carry it, lots of storage. The canvas material also looks like it will last wekk and stand the test of time.

Sleeve works good for the 16" with graphics module. Snug fit but not too tight. Flap doesn’t close as far down as it is designed to in order to engage the little magnet that hold it shut. But it is a fairly weak magnet anyways. It will work for my purposes.

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Thinking of this bag. Can’t tell from the picture, would you say it’s a comfortable fit or is it a bit of a squeeze?

It’s not bad. I’d say it’s the right amount of friction I’d want for it to not slide out. Should loosen up over time as it adjusts to the shape of the laptop.

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I can comment on the variant without dGPU. I have a non-xpak dayfarer V2, but I think the dimensions are the same.

It does fit in the dedicated laptop compartment, though quite tight. With the cush case, it is possible to fit it in, but it is very, very tight. To the point where I’m afraid I might break the zipper while closing it, though I haven’t so far. Definitely takes way more time than it normally should, to get it in/out.

I might just start using the main compartment sleeve, or put it in the dedicated one without cush case.

It has held up great. Ive had mine for 6 months bringing it to school every day and work. Great build quality and the laptop pouch is awesome. I can confirm that no dgpu fits, but cannot confirm if the dgpu fits. I have measured it but if it does fit its going to be really tight. I can reccomend putting 2 microfiber cloths between the keys and the screen to prevent wearing a line into the matte finish from using the bag.

I ended up going with an Aer Flight Pack 3. It’s a backpack, briefcase, and messenger bag all in one, has more than enough space for the Framework 16 with dGPU and has a ton of organization. My only issue is that I don’t really like the placement of my over-ear headphones in its carrying case inside the backpack, but that’s personal preference and does fit nicely inside. I put quite a bit inside the backpack (pretty much all the usual things you’d use with a computer and a little extra) and it still has plenty of space.

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not in mine, the fw 16 with the dGPU is practically bursting out of the bag lol. i was gonna have to get a new bag anyway, some of the zippers are broken, but that’s just the icing on the cake for me. thinking about the timbuk2 custom alcatraz or impulse (also looking for water resistance)

So I got the Kickstarter Rollacrit new Bag of Holding (put in your email at The Bag of Holding | Rollacrit to get info on new production in the future), and so far it’s pretty great. Easily fits in the backmost zipper as a “laptop” compartment, which is how I’m going to use it. I am getting the CushCase, to add some additional protection, as I’m worried there’s not enough on the bottom and sides. Although I could add some appropriate high density foam cushion along the bottoms and sides, perhaps.

Anyways, plenty of room, the front I have various USB drives, cables, PSU, etc. The main pocket I’m using for my UHKv2 in case when I go into work or if I’ll be somewhere a while so I can have a better keyboard setup. I should actually look into, perhaps, 3D printing a clip-on screen holder, or something, to sit a 2nd monitor on top of the Framework screen, perhaps. In any case, plenty of room for a stand & 2nd monitor as well.

All in all, it’s a bit bulkier than ultimately I’d love…but I do tend to just stuff things into my laptop bags to get an extra thing or two to fit. So having some extra room is probably for the best.

For those of you interested in another model of a good everyday bag and great looking that fits the Framework 16 (with GPU), I went and tested a bunch of bags in different stores of brands I like (especially outdoor type stores) and landed on this Jack Wolfskin bag that I’m loving!

It fits perfectly without any effort on the bag. It is very versatile and has a slim feel and look.

I’m loving it! :heart_eyes:

Here are pictures for reference.

FYI, if that is a USB-A card in the picture (vs display port): Expansion Card Slot functionality on Framework Laptop 16

Power usage for USB-A in slots 1 and 4 is higher, so you may want to swap it with the HDMI card.

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Just curious, the Timbuk2 Rogue bag on Amazon in the USA lists: “Internal slip pocket fits up to a 15” laptop", have you been able to fit the Framework 16 with dGPU in the internal slip pocket?

Thank you for the input!

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just tested this for you, it does not fit inside the sleeve with dGPU.

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Thanks for testing that!


I’m looking for sustainable bag options, preferably made in Europe.
From what I’ve gathered, people had good experiences with
Mapbagrag - Cover Plus
Feuerwear - Scott (15" or 17")

Did I miss anything?

Just picked up the Timbuk2 Scheme Convertible Briefcase Backpack. My F16 fits in the laptop compartment with the dGPU. It is tight but not so tight that the zipper is stressed or bulging anywhere. With or without the dGPU, it absolutely fits the main compartment in all dimensions. Amazon labels this as a medium but the main Timbuk2 site only has this in one size. I have this and the Tomtoc for my F16. Whereas I think the Tomtoc is better for bare essentials for short days and short commutes, the Timbuk2 would be better suited for carrying more and heavier loads for longer commutes. Hope this helps.