Reconfigure TDP of 760m

Wonderful day :blush::v:t2:

Is it possible, to configure the TDP of the integrated GPU of the 7040 series?

It is said to be configurable between 15 Watt and 51 Watt by the vendor.

Considering that the 16 inch model becomes unattractive to me - due to the arrow keys - I actually do wonder if I can increase the internal graphics chip of the 13 inch AMD model to get ‘decent-enough’ gaming power out of it.

I know this means more cooling is required, and that the battery power would decrease.

This might be something for the optional Coreboot.

Coreboot currently doesn’t support modern AMD chips. You would only see coreboot appear on Intel based systems. The TDP will be configured to 28w (should boost further), the same as the intel chip.