Reduced Shipping Prices to the EU

Just thought it was worth reposting here!

TL;DW Shipping prices are now 12 Euros (ibstead of 30) due to a new warehouse.


Thats better! Thanks!

£10 for the UK now too!


When will we get all of EU in on this?

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Are you asking about generally expanding shipping to more countries?

Or are you seeing an EU location from this list that is still showing the old higher shipping prices?

Framework is not able to give timelines on supporting new locations.

Very great news! One more step to the real reparability!

I am asking for all of EU to get stuff. Seems so odd that EU should be one internal market for everything else but not for Framework.

It’s not really one market. At least not for companies outside the EU. It’s been discussed a lot of the forum.


Yeah, I know. I am a first gen owner of the laptop and moved to another country. So painful to wait for them to open up so I can upgrades and get new parts.

they need legal entity in at least one country in EU to be able to do it i had a meeting with some MEPs about this topic we will see what can be done

At this time, Framework just isn’t large enough to support having a legal entity in an EU country. They need to grow larger first.

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