Inter-EU shipping experiences

If you are in a non-supported EU country and has bought a framework PC, please share your experience.

I’m in Denmark, and I’m struggling to find a good forwarding service.


Just so you know, talking about forwarding Framework laptops to unsupported countries is not allowed per the forum rules, there is a good chance that a mod will shut this thread down.

Edit: I have not read the updates to the forum rules recently, ignore me

(for those curious: Community Guidelines)

My understanding is that it is OK to discuss forwarding within the EU after this post: Purchasing products in a European Union (EU) country that Framework does not ship to

I was hoping to see Denmark show up on the list of supported coutires, but that has not been updated for a while, so I’m sort of giving up and trying to get it e.g. through Germany.

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You are correct, that’s why I edited my post! I hadn’t seen that they updated the guidelines to allow talk of freight forwarding within the EU. I believe Denmark was one of the countries they were hoping to get soon, but there’s been no official word as of yet.

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I live in Sweden and ordered a Framework 13 yesterday. I used to forward the parcel from Germany to Sweden.
After ordering I got a message that said that my payment needs to be reviewed manually. I’ll let you know the outcome.

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Hi and welcome;

Yes if you use a card/bank that is not from the country for delivery.

A while ago there was no manual checking and it would just have been rejected, part of the mechanism to block unauthorised ‘non-supported country’ sales.

Hopefully things will go OK for you.

All the best

Thoams, hand on


Oh, wow. My payment just went through and one hour later they announce the launch in Sweden and a discount. Will try to cancel the order now. Thank you for the for the update.


Bit of a pain but you always have 28 days even after delivery, but I’m sure you can cancel.

So have you cancelled and when can you expect the updated version :slight_smile:

Wow, this is great news!
I hope you get a refund, @Engstrom

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I used Forward2Me to ship from Germany to Bulgaria. Aside from the process being a bit sub-optimal, everything went fine.

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Thank you @Onestone . I’m happy that they have announced that they will ship to DK this month. Looking forward to see it happen.

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HI @Onestone, how many days it took to forward the laptop to you since FrameWork shipped to Forward2me? I’m willing to try their service because I really need a new laptop and I would love to buy from FrameWork but they are not available in Portugal yet

I have ordered somethings using f2me (not laptops though) but usually they ship to you next day after the package is delivered to them.

Of course it depends how fast you pay the needed payments to them. It will take few hours after the delivery that they inform you that the parcel is ready and wiating for payment

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After I initiated the forwarding from Forward2me’s Germany office, it arrived the next day in Bulgaria. But there was a couple of days’ delay before that, due to their inefficient process. Here is what I mean:

  1. The package arrives at Forward2me’s office
  2. They open it and inspect it, to confirm it contains no forbidden items. After that the item becomes active in their dashboard, and you can order how you wish them to proceed.
  3. If at this point you ask for extra photos of the contents (they offer that for 10 EUR) to confirm everything is present as it should, they will open the package again, snap the photos, and seal it again.
  4. You initiate the forwarding then. I used DHL Express myself.

The inefficiency is at step 3. You could skip that and go straight to forwarding, but I preferred to make sure everything is ok. Unfortunately you can’t ask for extra photos before their initial inspection. As it is now, step 3 can lead to a delay of one or two days.

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@inffy @Onestone thank you both for your quick inputs and detailed experiences!

Although their process is not perfect, is better than what I have available locally so I’ll take a chance with F2M.

Personally I’m thinking on using DHL Express too because I use them at work and they’re really fast, and also really expensive though!

There is also

They tend to be little faster processing but they dont offer fast shipping services that would have high value insurances (max was for 1000euros if i remember right)