Relays and speakers?

I honestly didn’t do my research on if the laptop already has replaceable speakers, so i might be doing the equalvent of telling Albert Einstein about physics… but anyway, what if you used relays as a replacement for solder? it allows for quick and easy replacement for the speakers as well as making it possible for Some DIY’er to make 2 profiles, one for each contact in the relay, making him able to change what speaker to work depending on the thing he/she is hearing or playing, or even the environment, i honestly have no idea if its possible to use 2 speakers in a laptop but you never know what a DIY’er is capable of…

The speakers are replaceable, and not soldered in. Here are the replacement instructions:

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it is? thank you for telling me, as i said i didn’t do my homework on the laptop even though i should’ve, but my idea still could be beneficial in some ways, but i am no engineer, chances are my idea is flawed.