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Referring to your second quote, and sure, I am being argumentative, but feel like supporting the issue of the fist being used.

If you think it is off topic then why did you comment further and hence provoke a response?

Also what is this ‘we have had enough’, clearly you didn’t, and you do not speak for all the other people on this forum.

OK now down to the detail.

The symbol you consider mostly used by crazy people is mostly as a religious symbol for hundreds if not thousands of years, and are you sure you want to call the Hindus, Jains and Buddhists???

the latter is related to, well, (mostly) crazy people, but the former isn’t.

It continues to be used as a symbol of divinity and spirituality in Indian religions, including Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism

Sure it was used by the the German political party in the 1930s + but that was never the majority of people.

The fist is usually denotes the use of power in a fight and I would agrue is a less benign symbol than the religious symbol that I can’t name as this post gets automatically hidden.

That the fist is popular in recent times doesn’t equate to it being benign.
And the common use seems to be to gather people under the flag of what they want, to call it their rights and to pressure other people to join and follow the movement.

I’ve never like the use of the fist in real terms of punching people nor in it’s use as an icon. A fist with a hammer or a spanner is very ugly when used as a call to gather people together.

I do not like to increase the use of laws that can only be enforced by violence, whether they use a ‘that’ symbol or Hammer and Sycle or a Fist with spanner.

I will resist alone any attempt to get me to join a group or gang no matter how ‘for the good of all’ it claims to be.

The symbol may change but it’s always a call to arms by those not prepared to work out their own consumer indulgences as individually each of us is weak.

It’s inevitable people join forces to their own betterment, but that is always at the expense of others.

So when someone has experienced the group, peer, national or religious pressure it is understandable they do not want to see images of that.

Saying all that peoplr are free to form Groups and Gangs. Each one may be a threat to some but people are free to raise their fists in anger, I just feel that it is an unpleasant vision to see such demonstrations of power.

the latter is related to, well, (mostly) crazy people, but the former isn’t.

My argument it is the former, or the fist, which has the greater proportion of crazy people

@amoun The symbal Hitler used is not actually swastika but a twister version of it called as “Hakencreuz” I hate the fact that people don’t recognise swastika as thousands of year old and used symbal instead of recognise it as something else used by hitler which is many fold less durations of what swastika is really being used since. As a hindu we draw swastika everyday near home temple. U can visit any hindu, buddhist, jain or sikh house and u will se swastikas there. I agree with u and it is the intention not the symbal actually. The intention of use should be questioned not the symbal itself. It’s sad to see that some countries have banned the symbal and hindus have to fight in courts to win the right to use it. Some people don’t even say “Swastika” cuz probly they fear if they will get banned or something by using it. I hope I don’t get banned here by talking about this as the founder and CEO of this company itself is a hindu. I will suggest watching this youtube video to all talking about Swastika. Also I hope I didn’t say anything stupid and if I did then please enlighten me as I am not expert on the topic. The Untold Story of SWASTHIKA || A film about the true history of Swasthika || Project SHIVOHAM - YouTube


Thanks for pointing that out. I’ve been to Buddhist temples with swastikas but never noticed the tilt of the hakenkreuz until you pointed it out to me.

There are many uses in Europe, pre the Socialist German Workers Party use and not all had the main arms vertically and horizontally orientated. It’s just that Socialist group did rotate it 45°

It can not be missed that the ‘socialist’ and ‘freedom’ fighters today use a fist although some are called right wing.

The full name of that party was “National Socialist German Workers’ Party”. Not to be confused with socialists (see this Wikipedia article for details: National Socialists). Those two are VERY different things.

…6 million jews might disagree with that take.

This is a weird topic – why is there a dedicated thread for debating swastikas in the Framework forum?

I should probably explain that I’m aware of the religious context behind the symbology. Unfortunately the symbol was used widely by people who commit mass genocide, so many people are going to assume a certain ideology when they see that symbol displayed.


Right there with you - I had a post in draft trying to ask that same question, but couldn’t articulate it as clearly at your have.


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There was a comment in another topic where someone posted how uncomfortable they were seeing the fist symbol on some desktop background image etc. They had been ‘traumatised’ I imagine with some may ‘communist’ regime.

This lead to a comparison with this ‘other’ symbol.

And yes the Jews generally have a problem with the symbol as used by the German Socialst Working Party etc. but ten times or maybe 100 times that use the cross with arms etc. People from all over the planet have ised it for maybe thousands of years.

It is still used en masse in India and Asian surrounds.

There is a difference: That one which people take as offensive is different in that the arms of the cross are not horizontal and vertical, but that difference of course isn’t sufficient in the west to overcoem the stigma.

In that sense the genuine religious symbol and it’s users can be ostrasize by soem of the population which amounts to intolerance of those largely western and Jewish adherants.