The F12 Keyboard Changing

  • Windows 11 Framework 13 AMD Ryzen™ 7 7840U -

Does anyone know how to change the F12 function from opening the Framework website to opening Settings?

I mean, we love Framework, but I personally do not need a hotkey just to see it…

Also, because Settings is not an app, I haven’t figured out how to use PowerToys to remap a key or shortcut - if you know exactly how to do this, please please let me know!

Many thanks for your help in advance!

The gear logo matches well with settings, and we do need to open settings from time to time - it is not a bad idea to turn F12 into a Settings hotkey!

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OMG so people actually want it to be the Framework website, lol! Thanks for the reply! I am wondering what I should insert the “Value Data” if I want to set the F12 to opening the Settings. Thanks!

That’s the default behaviour. You can specify the F12 button to open other applications by finding the .exe however, I’m not sure if that’s possible for Settings.

I handle the deployment systems for Windows devices at work, so I can confirm that you can do this with the settings app!

Go to the registry key, create a new String Value called “Shell Execute” if it does not already exist, and assign the value “ms-settings:”.
The colon is necessary, it won’t work without it.

Good luck!

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Thanx, worked well for me

Glad it helped!