Replace the Windows key with a Linux one or at least a generic "super" one

But this thread is about the 13" please don’t add 16" stuff to it :frowning:

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Ah, I failed to see that.

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I am curious if there updates for the 13 inch since the 16 inch is getting a linux keyboard?

Probably not difficult to paint over the windows logo and scratch to your dersire

Not that it’s a problem for me to have a windows logo as super key, but if there was a choice, I would go for either a super key or framework logo key.

Currently awaiting delivery, of my windows-super-key framework :smirk:

Framework could always include a loose key cap with every keyboard, that has the framework logo on it. It wouldn’t matter if the windows logo key cap gets destroyed while being removed, it’s the fitting of the replacement key cap that matters.

That carries a very high risk of destroying the key mechanism itself. The keycaps are not the fragile part.


It would be great to get an answer as to why the option may not be available, currently you are able to order a blank black and blank clear keyboard while the 16" offers a super key option.