Request: Review of Framework Laptop 16 Keyboard Layouts

Exactly, the word “super” was something used on some really old system along with other keys like “meta” and “hyper”. I guess X11 kind of incorporated the windows key as a super key replacement, but I don’t like the idea of actually making the key SAY super, specially if you aren’t bringing back meta and hyper to make for a really sci-fi sounding keyboard :smiley:

Whoever made the “super” decision is out of touch with what people prefer. Any other image, except the “windows” logo would have been better than the word “super”.

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Hm. Is it just me, or is the layout of the US English and International English - Linux basically identical? Except instead of the windows logo, it’s Super? I might need to change my order.

However, I agree, I’d LOVE to get the Framework logo instead of Super or something else.

Also, while definitely not quite the same intention, it might be worth a future keyboard version that takes some cues from Ultimate Hacking Keyboard, in that you have a Mod and Fn which lets you actually have multiple layers to program for whatever functionality you want.

I suppose the QMK with the existing keyboards could be modded to do that, but I like having the extra keys. Would also mean don’t need the separate arrow keys and separate F keys, since the way I use them on my UHK is via the MOD layer, while some of the other functions are via the FN layer like the volume/media keys/etc. Obviously I’d have to train myself, but I think there might be sufficient demand for an alternative keyboard module to support this.

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I ordered the keyboard assuming it would either have a full penguin or at least a penguin head.

The word “super” isn’t very linux-specific.

I feel disappointed although I will keep my order.

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Yes, the differences as far I can see are the Windows key, the € symbol on the 5 and that the right “Alt” key is labeled “Alt Gr”.

I’m OK with it being called “super”, although I would’ve preferred “meta”.
Or a FW logo.

This need would be filled by Combo ANSI/ISO/JIS keyboard layout - #4 by Micah_Lindstrom, can you confirm @Gustavo_Tomazi_Ludwi?

@StarrWulfe’s need here would be met too, right?

Did you look at a MacBook German keyboard? On it looks like all the words start in lowercase. But that may not actually be a German layout.

Is anyone else bothered by the “I” key on all the framework keyboards?

Why is the “i” key the only key on the whole keyboard that has serifs (the two lines at the top and bottom of the letter) while all the other letters are sans-serif (no lines)?

Many keyboards are like that. The MSI notebook and the Cherry keyboard I have are both like that.
People have migrated away from Serif fonts, but a straight line looks too much like 1 or |

I saw someone mention it earlier, but never actually got any kind of answer or explanation. This thread (and a bunch of the discussion) has the US English - Linux keyboard, but in the configuration selector that’s not an available option, the only Linux variant is for international english. Is that just an option planned for post-launch?

there is just an interesting observation, perhaps for somebody it can be helpful.

There is a difference in image on site and real keyboard for US keyboard Layot.
This is how it looks online on the marketplace

And this is how it looks in real life:

It looks more closer to International Layout, except for missing euro sign on 5 and “gr” on right ALT key.
In comparison to online US layout image - CTRL and ALT key text isn’t centered and also font is a bit different. You can say it by looking on Q, G keys. And what is more important is backspace and enter keys - they are text rather than arrow icons

Perhaps for some this is not important but I like arrow-styled backspace and enter more


The Arabic keyboard is not a special layout right, just different labels? That’s what it looks like to me from Arabic - Wikipedia keyboard.

If so I believe you could get the RGB Clear ANSI or Blank ISO keyboard and add your own labels.