Request: Review of Framework Laptop 16 Keyboard Layouts

Swiss looks perfect now!

Edit: please don’t change the symbols on enter/shift/backspace to text. Most Swiss keyboards I’m familiar with have only the symbols without text, except for the caps lock, so exactly as you have it.

For the caps lock key it seems to be common to simply write “caps lock” on it without a symbol (the Acer laptop keyboard I’m currently writing on is exactly like the last artwork). But there are also a lot of Swiss keyboards with just the symbol (notably Mac). Either is fine.

Hungarian updated



Slovak updated


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The Swiss keyboard layout seems fine now, I didn’t see anything wrong :slight_smile:

Apart from what @mrwm already visualized regarding the general symbol/text inconsistencies:

Further to your message, I’ve passed on your comment about the licence to the creator of the Optimot on the Bépo community Discord server. He replied that all you had to do was contact him and he would grant you the right to use this layout on commercial products. But you’re obviously not the only one who thinks this licence is a problem, and there may be a way of convincing its creator to change it. :slight_smile:


i am not shure what layout but this layout is for slovak and czech keyboard as the template, upgraded it to the final version

Brilliant to see a Swiss keyboard here. Thank you. A key factor for me if I buy a Framework laptop.

I am confused. The RGB layout is the only one, that allows for RGB lighting on the keys?

How is that? I would like that, but at the same time don’t like the windows key.

I also find the arrow keys unfortunate, to be honest.

I don’t know for sure, but I would guess they are making one keyboard that has RGB backlighting so you can choose between white or RGB based on what you want. From what I’ve seen the RGB layout specifically optimises for RGB by centering all the key labels for better shine through (and probably better color mixing).

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I seems like we probably won’t be getting a Framework gear super key, since it wasn’t among the revisions. I am disappointed.


yeah i would like but it could be in another revisions

Slovak updated again - please take a look


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As far as I can tell, this keyboard is labelled for three different layouts: US; Slovak; and Czech.

It seems as if the US QWERTY layout is printed on the left-hand side of each key. The middle characters are for the Slovak layout. And the right characters are for Czech.

It appears as if some OEMs do already do this, so it’s not a novel or unfamiliar concept.

But true Slovak hardware keyboards also clearly exist too.

For reference, here’s what the actual Slovak layout looks like (in Windows):

If the plan is to keep the tri-layout inscriptions, would it make sense to rebrand this as the “US/Slovak/Czech” layout?

Or if we want a true “Slovak” layout, would it make sense to only label it with the Slovak layout (as implemented in Windows)? This would have the benefit of providing room to also label all the AltGr positions.

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the Hungarian one looks great! there are some unnecessary characters as secondary/alternate characters: like ä or ß. I suppose they are some legacy characters from a German layout. which is fine, we have them on some keyboards. but the important things are all present and at the correct spot.

I hope the US English RGB keyboard also has a “Super” key option.

I also appreciate having a finger indexing nub on the “W” key for gamers.

Having a finger indexing nub on the “5” key would be appreciated too.

What’s the key in the top left corner with the “+ - x divide” all on it for?


Hey, not with framework, but that’ll be to bring up the calculator app on your PC. You see similar designs on a few numpad designs

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As Daniel and I mentioned in previous replies, this is a Czech and Slovak keyboard (I forgot to mention that it’s an American layout, but I didn’t consider it essential), which is produced by many OEMs, and I think it’s the best thing for you, because you don’t have to produce a separate keyboard for Czech and Slovak and produce only one keyboard for us, I think it’s the best thing for you both from an environmental and business point of view, i would prefer more ANSI than ISO with framework logo(no super/win key)

ps: in my ANSI layout made mistake the apostrof under letter M shouldn’t be there and can’t edit

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I hope the team comes to it’s senses, and really looks into the setup of the arrow keys.

I just saw this on novacustoms (a netherland based framework-like company) and got almost to tears.

This is a custom made keyboard, as this manufacturer allows.

And how this person has setup the arrow keys is just nothing short of amazing:

Why has nobody thought about this before?
Can we do this as well?


You mean the arrow keys with the page up and page down keys place besides them? That’s how Thinkpads do it. Probably others too.



oh neat, I have always used Elitebooks :sweat_smile: