Request: Review of Framework Laptop 16 Keyboard Layouts

I’m happy that you have such a clear opinion on this, but just because this would be the best setup for you, does not mean that it is the best setup for everyone. Framework has chosen the keyboard layouts that they are using for a reason, and it is honestly a bit rude to just assume that your preferred layout is the “right” layout. I’m sorry that they didn’t choose to have PgUp and PgDn keys above the left and right arrows, but I personally find that setup annoying because I accidentally hit the pg keys often, so I am glad that Framework laid it out the way they did. Hopefully in the future there are 3rd or 1st party keyboard layouts that are better for you, but don’t assume that the team needs to “come to their senses” because they didn’t do what you think they should.


I totally agree with next_to_utter_chaos about the german layout, please make the keyboard as suggested in his picture, with one slightly change:
Germans use a lot of uppercase letters in the beginning of a word.
The correct spelliling would be

“Bild” on page up and page down keys
“FN-Sperre” on fn lock key
“Druck” on the print screen key

On the number-keyboard block for the 16" Framework the wording would be (translated from standard US layout):

“Ende” instead of “end”
“Einfg” or “Einfügen” instead of “ins” or “insert”
“Entf” or “Entfernen” instead of “del” or “delete”


Am I missing something? So I can’t have the Linux keyboard with RGB? I have to choose between RGB and a stupid Windows logo or White LEDs and a Super Key?

Has anyone replaced a key on a Framework keyboard? I’ll buy both keyboards and swap the key if I have too. :triumph:


It’s not recommended officially as the keys can break and weren’t designed for removal, same as nearly all laptop keyboards.
But at least a couple people have done it successfully. Iirc one combined keys from a transparent and blank keyboard. Another did a colemak layout.
Changed my keyboard layout in hardware to colemak! - #9 by Dr_Bel_Arvardan


@Matt_Hartley I’m replying to the Latin American Spanish keyboard.

The keyboard seems to be just fine. There’s just one mistake on the “Print Screen” key, which in spanish should be “Imprimir Pantalla”, which in the key is shortened to “imp pnt”.

Also, I’d highly recommend that the letters are put in the center of the keyboard such as in US RGB, with symbols such as the “@” in the Q staying in the corner but in a smaller size.

This is how most laptop keyboards are now, at least in Colombia. It feels a lot more modern, as solves the problem of having 90% of keys seeming too blank (the image below is of my current laptop).

The rest feels fine.

Any chance of an rgb macropad with the keycaps for the numpad so that it matches the black rgb keyboard? Edit: Or even just a keycap pack?

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The numpad keys are different. The 0 (zero), enter, and + (plus) keys are double size.

Do note that all input modules run QMK firmware, so you would be able to also place macros on the numpad as well.

There has been no talk of the keycaps being designed to be removable. With the Framework-13 they aren’t, and Framework warns that you may break them if you try. Of course, a few people have done it anyway.


Linux RGB Keyboard option when

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Ah, didn’t realize that earlier, thanks for pointing that out, I really just want my numpad/macropad to match the keyboard which isn’t possible with the black RGB currently.

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I would love to see a German layout with a super key. RGB doesn’t matter to me, but I don’t want to be forced to have a Windows icon on the keyboard just because I use the German layout.


As a ten years bépo enthusiast, I would instantly buy a laptop with an ortholinear keyboard.

Any news about that ?

Many bépo users need an ortholinear keyboard instead of the old ninetieth century’s style because it’s the way it’s meant to be typed.
I think blank keys would be the best choice on such a keyboard, as users often let their keys blank or use stickers. No need to create too many options for a few customers : a universal blank keys ortholinear option would be enough.

Maybe this kind of layout should be considered :


Generic feedback - I like the context menu key on a full size keyboard, I miss that on my Framework 13.

Specific - any plans for other languages to get RGB? I’m specifically interested in UK

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So I would buy this laptop for this (type of) keyboard alone if this option would become available:


This is my predicament as well


No longer a predicament for me. Numpad Module does not come in RGB. Almost accidentally ordered the RGB Macropad. Would look real silly to have an RGB keyboard with a White backlight Numpad.

So many keyboard options yet still not the ones I want. RGB English Linux Keyboard with an RGB Numpad, please! Look Framework, Linux users are gamers now and we still like typing numbers real fast. Got it?

At least at the end of the day I don’t have to look at a stupid Windows logo. I can at least be happy about that. Still the most money I have spent on a laptop ever, by 3 times. Never been a high end laptop worth getting knowing they are disposable.


Are the Framework 13 layouts same as framework 16 layouts?
if not can we also have similar thread for framework 13? (search did not find it)
Its not clear even when looking at keyboard photos in market place as they dont show the layout.

also want framework logo for super key.
US english layout looks strange being text on right and symbols on left
would be better to also make shift, caps, tab also symbols.

No, not really.

They’re already there. For example here: Request: Review of Italian, Spanish (Spain), and Chinese (Traditional) keyboards

I assume these threads are more for spotting obvious mistakes, like mislabeled/swapped keys. I assume Framework is aware of most of the other wishes, like the Framework Logo on the Windows key, or more exotic variants, or stuff that’s personal preference, but they obviously can’t create hundreds of different variants and are limited by space and contracts (for example Microsoft likely requires the Windows logo on the keyboard of the Laptops that ship with Windows).

FW16 preorderer here [edit: DIY]. I have a few questions regarding the keyboard layouts. Is this the appropriate place to ask?

  1. US English (Linux/V2) was not available for me to select in the preorder process. What is the status of this layout? Cancelled? Available at a later date?

  2. International English Linux layout looks geometrically identical to US English, with only a couple key labels different (super, alt gr, and perhaps ). Am I correct in thinking that this layout is electrically identical to US English and will function as such if I configure my OS to use US English layout? (If so, I will change to this layout as I would like the super key label.)

  3. Can I rearrange the keycaps easily? If so, I would swap some modifier key locations because I have weird preferences there.


Prebuilt or DIY?
I’m able to select the Linux keyboard on both Prebuilt and DIY.

You can do that with any keyboard.

I know with the Framework-13 they say the keycaps are not designed to be removable, and that you risk breaking them. I believe it’s the same for all normal laptop keyboards using membrane switches. The arms that keycaps clip onto are very tiny. You’re dealing with a tiny bit of plastic, so it’s not going to be very durable for snapping on and off.
That said, at least a couple people have switched around Framework-13 keycaps successfully.

DIY. When I visit the configurator, I see International English - Linux but not US English - Linux.

Thanks. I thought as much, but have only ever used US English layouts. I was worried that the International English - Linux keyboard might send slightly different scan codes, requiring adjustment with QMK, which admittedly would be an inconvenience but not a blocker.