[RESOLVED] EFI USB Device () boot failed tuxedo OS 2 AMD

I just received my DIY 13 inch pc, and wanted to install tuxedOS 2, I created a bootable usb using balenaEtcher in linux using the ISO. when I insert the usb A and turn on the pc, i get a message:
EFI USB Device (kingstonDataTraveler 3.0) boot failed.
it is the AMD version of the pc.
I can confirm that it is comming from the tuxedo OS 2 iso as kubuntu is ok, but nevertheless would love to solve this as I prefered over kubuntu.
any help would be appreciated!

Secure Boot has been deactivated?

From TUXEDO OS - TUXEDO Computers (second to last paragraph):
“Please note: To run TUXEDO OS, Secure Boot must be disabled in your computer’s UEFI firmware.”

I desabled quick boot, I have not notice where I can desactivate secure boot…

According to the following post, it should be F2 for the AMD:


thanks a lot it worked and I succesfully installed tuxedo OS 2

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Thanks for the update @franco_otaola , marking this as resolved.

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