[RESOLVED] Framework13 Keyboard has intermittent keys

Framework Laptop 13, Gen 11, Ubuntu 23.04, 64 bit, Gnome 44.1, Firmware 3.10

Some of my keyboard keys have either stopped working or are working intermittent. The enter and backspace keys are basically not working. I have opened the laptop and re-seated the keyboard connector but no joy. I have resorted to the on-screen keyboard to type this request for help. Is there anything I can do short of replacing the keyboard?

Note that there are 3 connectors that you should check and try reseating. The keyboard flat cable connects to the touchpad board, and then the signals are passed along unmodified. So the connectors on both ends of the touchpad cable could also be at fault.

Step 6, 7, 8.

Thanks for the suggestion - I pulled and re-installed the additional two connectors but no joy. Looks like I will have to spring for a new keyboard/input panel (replacing the actual keyboard seems finicky)

Please open a support ticket. In the meantime, replicate this on a Live USB to verify this isn’t the installation itself. Thanks

Experiencing the same (enter, backspace) with Fedora 37 on the laptop internal keyboard only (my usb keyboards work just fine). Reseating the connectors did not help. Is there a status on resolution by support? Thanks!

Also 11th gen.

P.S. Matt - this is unrelated to my Flatpak keyboard issue—that happens on external keyboards too.

Update: equals, right bracket, and quotation mark are also affected.

My solution was to replace the keyboard - no more issues.

To be clear, this was also tested on a Live USB as well to provide a vanilla environment from which to test from - we want to confirm OS vs hardware here.

Gotcha, I will do so.

Any thoughts on the source of the problem?

Not without logs and also comparing it to a live USB results.

If it’s a hardware fault, then keyboard would be my best guess at the moment. If it successfully works on a live USB, we’d want to open a ticket and look at the logs.

Update: definitely a hardware fault. I experience the issue at boot (GRUB) and in the UEFI. I have a new input cover on the way, fingers crossed that it’s the line in the input cover that’s faulty and not the mainboard connector or mainboard itself…

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With any luck the input cover swap resolved this.

Seems to be resolved. Funnily enough the problem went away for a few days prior to replacement (it was intermittent to begin with) but I experienced it today so I did the 5 minute swap and haven’t seen anything. Will update if it ever returns, meaning it wasn’t an input cover issue.

Appreciate the update, glad to hear this has been resolved. :slight_smile: