[RESOLVED] How to get an invoice?

Hi. I just uploaded my “invoice”. I noticed that there is an invoice number on my document. The missing number was your main complaint, as I understand. Did you get a different document?

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For the ram it’s fine, they ship two kits of 8gb and it says quantity: 2

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Hi Josh,
you are right. The parts listed are correct, i have mistaken the Carton No. for the quantity. But the price is still wrong unfortunately and thats what is going to make the most trouble for the buyers who need a correct invoice for their company.

Yep understandable the price differences are a bit confusing. What was the total cost of your order as I reckon for the row that is for the laptop itself they have put the whole cost for the whole bundle.

Hoi, My commercial invoice states “€”, like yours. The numbers are in Dollar though, convert it with around 1,13x in my case and you get the correct prices.

I also need an invoice btw, 19% is 19% :slight_smile:


Doesn’t look too bad actually. Shouldn’t it be possible to get it corrected via support as this apparently is a systematic issue that they’re already aware of (see Recent Customs Issues with Framework Laptop Orders (UK, FR, DE))?

For us (also DE) the order confirmation email was ok once printed to pdf.
The invoice in the parcel had wrong information too.

I mean the email with subject “Ihre Bestellung wird bald versandt #xxx

It has all the info, the invoice details and the correct price. No VAT exemption ofc but that is fine.


I was also wondering about this. My laptop has not been paid and shipped yet, but I’m planning to use it for business. It’s my own business, so I’m not too worried about how the invoice looks, but I had expected to be able to get a VAT return…

I understand that Framework does not offer VAT exemptions yet (which I think refers to “Reverse Charge VAT”, which is commonly applied on B2B transactions between EU countries, but it seems that the pricing does include VAT according to Framework.

AFAIU this means that Framework is actually forwarding a part of my money to some EU government for VAT, meaning my business is entitled to get that VAT returned (which is a bit of a hassle for VAT paid in another EU country, but not impossible. Seems most countries have a minimum of €1000 worth of purchases).

I think that all that is required is a proper invoice that says how much VAT is included, and in which country it was paid (anyone know which country Framework uses for the VAT payments? Germany, I suspect?).

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@Matthijs_Kooijman the VAT will be collected by the shipping company and paid in the form of prepaid taxes by them - the same as you would have to pay if you imported something yourself. So it is paid to the destination country as it should be.

Attached to the front of the box should be a Commercial Invoice/Packing list (it’s required by customs). In my case that has the details for the EORI and VAT numbers for France and GB, I assume German ones would have the relevant one listed too.

On some Batch 8 orders the value wasn’t properly stated by the shipping country (was higher than it should have been because of a mistake on their part), but that should be sorted now.

Ah, so that means the commercial invoice should (at least for me) be sufficient as proof for the purchase, and I should get some VAT specification or invoice from the shipping company that I can use to get the VAT refund. Sounds like everything will work out fine then. Now, only for the laptop to be shipped :slight_smile:

That is absolutely correct, VAT has been paid to somewhere. The invoice another user posted above shows a VAT ID from France, so one could assume the VAT was paid to French authorities.

There is a process indeed for VAT refund from other EU member countries, but it is different for each country with each having their own exemptions and limits and whatnot. It should definitely be possible in theory, but I’m afraid it won’t be fun in practice. (I tried that once but soon gave up as it was just not worth the hassle.) Please do share your experience though if you go that route!!

(edit) PS: There seem to be some additional possible complications regarding DDP (Delivery Duty Paid) shipping and VAT refundability, here’s an interesting read (in German): https://zoll-recht-steuern.de/blog-beitraege/ddp-als-steuerfalle.html

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That’s the point indeed, I had misread and thus misinterpreted your post, which is why I had subsequently deleted my reply. Sorry for the confusion!

Oh, sorry. I shall delete mine also then.

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So sorry i’ve just read this after my order. Same here as with the other customers: We really like the idea behind the frame.work laptop and would like to evaluate a single device before ordering more thereafter. BUT: If i won’t get a proper invoice i’ll definitely not start an evaluation. There is plenty of work to do in IT administration even without hassle with the accounting dep.

Hopefully this will change soon.



Same here as with the other customers: We really like the idea behind the frame.work laptop and would like to evaluate a single device before ordering more thereafter. That’s the point indeed, I had misread and thus misinterpreted your post, which is why I had subsequently deleted my reply. Sorry for the confusion. I assume German ones would have the relevant one listed too.

Fortunatley our company is happy with the commercial invcoice /packing list.

One thing which should be managed better: During the order process I am asked for an invoice address. There I have put in name, company, address.
Unfortunatley my invoice is missing the company name, what sucks…Would be nice, if the company name was printed on it.

Is there any way to receive a corrected version?

Welcome to the forum!

It would probably be a good idea to contact support and mention the “Recent Customs Issues” support article which has been referenced a couple of times above.

Please let us know how this goes!

I received my framework package yesterday. It indeed contains a commercial invoice from Framework directly, which shows an amount less than what I paid (I’m assuming this is the ex VAT amount, but I haven’t checked the amount yet). The invoice does contain a couple of VAT numbers, including one for the Netherlands, but AFAIU VAT numbers are really needed only when reverse charge is applied (so no VAT paid to Framework, and my business would need to declare VAT itself), which is not the case here. To be eligable for a VAT deduction, an invoice has to specify the VAT amount and tariff, which this invoice does not.

Previously, @andyk2 suggested that that VAT will be managed in the destination country by the shipping company, which I guess is DHL in my case. I wonder if the VAT numbers listed are really DHL’s VAT numbers, or Framework’s? I don’t have the invoice here, so I’ll check tonight or tomorrow.

I also wonder if I should be contacting DHL to get an invoice for the VAT for this shipment? Or is that something that only Framework can do?

Interesting article, though a bit complex for my limited German skills. IIUC, though, it basically says that there are a lot of different ways that one can arrange import duties and VAT on imported products, but I’m not quite sure which one is used by Framework here. It also says that eventually, the company that is eligable for VAT deduction is the company that is actually using the imported product, regardless of who paid it to the national tax office, so that would mean I am indeed eligable to deduct the amount. If I can’t get any better invoice, I might end up just deducting the VAT based on my own calculation, which I think is not technically allowed, but does seem acceptable for my own small one-person company (might lead to some discussion if I get audited, but given it’s really just missing documentation and not improper deduction, I’m not too worried). This is probably different for people working for bigger companies, who cannot afford to have things that are not 100% correctly documented…

You have paid the equivalent amount of the VAT and all the charges associated with it to Framework.

What happens later down the line depends on how Framework have set up the arrangements. It could be three things:

  • Framework are themselves VAT registered, in which case they do the paperwork and pass on the VAT to your government as any other company would.
  • Linex Distribution (the distributors Framework employ) are VAT registered, in which case they collect the VAT from Framework, as well as probably a fee for all the paperwork, and pass on the VAT to your government.
  • Neither Framework nor Linex are VAT Registered, in which case Linex will collect the VAT amount from Framework, plus enough to cover their fees and the fees their subcontractors will charge, and pass it to their subcontractors (DHL/DPD depending on the route taken), who will then do the paperwork and charge pass on the VAT to your government.

The VAT numbers on the invoice will be the ones of the VAT registered company that has ultimately collected and will pay the VAT on your behalf, whichever of those scenarios it is. It shouldn’t really matter ultimately, because what matters is that it is paid and therefore not payable by the recipient at point of entry into the destination country.

The customs invoice should show prices exclusive of VAT and duties of the destination country, because customs forms always work on pre-taxes and charges values.

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Right, that makes sense.

Running the VAT numbers on my invoice against the EU VAT checker and the EORIs against the EU EORI checker and UK EORI checker, I find that all of them are registered to Framework itself, so that would mean the first of your options applies and Framework itself passes the VAT to our local tax office.

For completeness, the VAT numbers listed are: DE350806374, FR29909542169, NL826575791B01 and none for the UK, the EORI numbers are: FRUS1209508090001 (for both France and Germany), GB086788641000, and “BSN: 8265.75.791” for the Netherlands, which does not validate as a valid EORI (and “BSN” typically means “Citizen Service Number”, so a person identifier, which was historically used as part of the VAT numbers for single-person companies, but I’m doubtful that this is actually a real BSN).

Right, but for properly deducting my VAT, I would technically need an invoice that does specify the VAT amount.

Also, looking at the commercial invoice attached, it actually specifies prices including VAT. The amount is lower than what I paid, but not because of VAT, but because the invoice only specifies package contents, so the Windows license is not listed on the invoice.

So that makes the invoice even less usable for VAT deductions… I think I’ll try asking Framework Customer Service if they can provide a complete invoice, at least with all products included, and maybe even VAT listed.

For reference, here’s the invoice I received with the package two days ago:

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