[RESOLVED] Login screen back after 1-2 min of use

Hi there,

I have an issue with Fedora KDE freshly installed.
Sometimes, after I login and use it, the login comes back suddenly. After I hit enter to log in, screen goes black. That’s it… Then I have to do hard reset to recover it.

I have a Framework 13 AMD 7640, 8GB RAM, 500GB SSD.

Does anyone have any guess on this?
Thank you!

hi @Bogdan_Bejan ,

Is it Fedora 39 beta already? or still Fedora 38 with KDE?

also have you updated you BIOS to version 3.03 yet?


Thank you for reply @Loell_Framework ,

Yes, Fedora 39 KDE.
The laptop has come with BIOS 3.03.

After the reset, can we try to get the previous log? see if we can can extract some useful info from system?

journalctl -b -1 > ~/prevous_boot.log

thanks :slight_smile:

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Hi. I would like to give you an update to this issue.

Since I have reported it, it hasn’t happen again. I believe it could have been something now fixed through updates.

This being said, the topic can be closed.
Thank you very much for trying to help

Thanks for the update @Bogdan_Bejan :slight_smile: