[RESOLVED] Ubuntu 23.10 not booting plus iwlwifi firmware errors?

Since yesterday’s Ubuntu 23.10 (Mantic) update, I’m not able to boot my Ubuntu partition anymore, here’s what I’m seeing in the bootlogs after removing “quiet splash” from the bootcmd:

I suspect is some kind of failed kernel update but from I recall from yesterday night, no software update errors popped up, everything went smoothly :confused:

Also, the Windows 11 partition boots fine, so I guess it’s safe to discard any kind of hardware issue. Furthermore, I have secure boot disabled and TPM “hidden” on the BIOS, so those are out of the question (searched this forum before posting this ;).

Anyhow, has anybody experienced something similar and has a speedy fixing tips ready?

I found a very similar thread/screenshot: [SOLVED] Ubuntu won't boot, hangs when displaying logs

I’ll try the advice given there… seems like only the ubuntu-desktop is at fault.

Fixed it booting to recovery, plugging to the 2.5G ethernet dongle and running the following commands when dropping into the shell:

service systemd-networkd start
networkctl up 3
dhcpcd enx9cb... (ethernet adapter name shown in `ip addr show`)
apt-get install --reinstall ubuntu-desktop

Hope it helps either forgetful me in the future or somebody else :smiley:

Couldn’t tilt up the wireless on via the console via similar commands as above (via network manager)… anybody else knows?

I know how to do it via wpa-supplicant but wanted to know how it’s done nowadays with network manager in recovery mode?

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I’d stick with the method that worked for you. :slight_smile:

Well, I was lucky to have the ethernet adapter AND be nearby my router but I’d like to know how that works when I only have wifi available and I’m on the go :-S

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