[RESPONDED] ACPI: battery: [Firmware Bug]: (dis)charge rate invalid

Recently I started hitting a problem where my F13 (Intel 12th gen) gets dropped and stuck into a mode where all cores seems to be running at 400Mhz making everything terribly slow.

It always happens after compiling heavily.

dmesg shows:

[37437.338792] ACPI: battery: [Firmware Bug]: (dis)charge rate invalid.

Seems like indeed a a firmware issue as rebooting doesn’t help. Thankfully I’ve discovered that holding power button for 10 or 30 seconds seems to be restarting firmware.

Not sure what to make of it. It was not happening before (more than a year of use). I did recently upgrade from NixOS 23.05 to 23.11 which must have changed Linux kernel.

Might be worth testing with clean live NixOS 23.11 along with fedora 39 live, see if discharge rate invalid is showing.

I’m too busy and the problem happens too rarely for me to debug this way.

So far it only happened when on batter power, under heavy load. Didn’t re-occur since I last posted.