[RESPONDED] Intel 1240P, CPU locked at 400mhz

Running, Arch, been having issues with my CPU seemingly being locked at 400mhz since the weekend.

Is there a bug somewhere in recent kernel versions? Can anyone suggest a configuration option to try and address the issue.

Hi @Maddison ,

Do try Ubuntu live 22.04.3 and see if it’s still capped at 400mhz, if still is, Then file a support ticket.
this feels like a bad board that’s needing replacement.

cheers! :slight_smile:


Does this happen while plugged in and charging or all the time?

With my 1240P Framework Chromebook I experience the same issue while plugged in and charging until it goes above ~80% and ChromeOS’s “Adaptive Charging” kicks in in which case all my performance returns. I did request a replacement but the replacement experienced identical behavior and I returned it.