[RESPONDED] AMD 7040 Series - Touchpad gestures for browser?

Sorry for creating so many posts… I searched the forum and didn’t see anything about this.

I’m Using: Ubuntu 22.04.3

I googled for a bit and found out that firefox in linux is supposed to support touchpad gestures for navigating back and forth through browser history, but it doesn’t seem to work on the framework laptop.

Anyone else know how to enable it, or if it is possible?

The trick is to enable a wayland session (as opposed to xwayland) for whichever browser you’re on.
Firefox Beta and builds above that all use Wayland by default.
Wayland also enables kinetic scrolling.

Or you could just use Gnome web (just gave it a try a while ago, and it was pretty cool, so I thought I’d give it a shoutout)!

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Thanks I’ll try this tomorrow. So many little things… haha I haven’t used Ubuntu desktop in a few years. Why aren’t apps like Firefox and chrome using Wayland by default yet?


Hi @Zach1 ,

welcome again to linux land :slight_smile:
let us know if firefox beta is working for you as @Shiroudan suggested. cheers!


@Loell_Framework thanks for checking in.

This “works” but the system freezes super often now, it’s almost unusable inside firefox.

Every time a page loads, full system freeze.

Really hoping this gets fixed in the next Ubuntu C kernel?

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