[RESPONDED] AMD Batch 1 Guild

Pre-order place in late March

Batch 1 here, got a response from support on 7/25 saying they can only let me know the month that the and batch 1 would ship, and they didn’t include a month, just early q3 when I ordered. I emailed about a twitter post I saw mentioning starting batch 3 (which I thought meant shipping but they were referring to orders) This was Lex’s response, a support rep with framework -

Thank you for your inquiry and we understand that you want to know the status of your order Batch 1 AMD Ryzen 7. We’re here to assist you.<

Our apologies if you haven’t received any email updates from us. We know the wait can be difficult, but we kindly ask for your patience while we process your order.

We’re currently unable to provide order-specific ship date estimates narrower than the month the Batch ships in due to several factors. We’re working to improve the end-to-end process from order to shipment. And when things are less fluid, we’ll be able to provide more precise shipping dates in the future.

Our current process is:
-We send an email to everyone in the Batch at the beginning of the month noting that the Batch is in preparation.
-A few days before we collect the balance of payment on each order, we send an email noting that we’re preparing the order.
-We send an email when we capture the balance, and when the order goes to our warehouse for fulfillment.
-Finally, we send a shipping email with the tracking number when the order leaves the warehouse. This way with the tracking number, you will be able to monitor the movement & location of the package as it closes its arrival to you.

The twitter post says that we are on batch 3 pre-orders for AMD processors but we have not yet sart shipping our AMD processors.

If you need further assistance, please feel free to reach out.

Looking at my order now, its only says

Batch 1 - Ships Q3


y’all need to be patient.

If you can’t wait for a laptop, you can refund your deposit and get an XPS 13 or an ASUS AMD netbook or something similar from a more established company with an established manufacturing chain. Framework will let us know what’s going on when they’re good and ready.


@whatisframework Hmm if they only send out Batch notifications at the beginning of the month, I revise my earlier statement to guess Batch 1 is probably shipping no earlier than early September and Batch 2 no earlier than late September.

This would fit with my previous order, the timeline was as follows

October 4 - My Batch was preparing for shipment
October 5 - My Order was preparing for shipment
October 6 - Email confirming the remainder of my balance was charged
October 7 - Shipping confirmation

And agreed on the patience. The fact that they have only stated a quarter compared to a shipping month (as with previous preorders) tells us all we need to know about how certain their timelines are. Frustrating, but supply chains never truly recovered after the pandemic.

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@Zachary_Burnett I mean it is fair to expect people to discuss and speculate on delivery dates of batch 1 of AMD Framework laptops in a forum topic called “AMD Batch 1 Guild.” I do not understand why this would imply people cannot wait? People surely are excited and on the edge of their keyboard, but buying another laptop defeats the point.


That’s quite extreme isn’t it?

No one said we can’t wait. We are just excited to get our hands in a really neat device.


@reverse_thrust right, just something they could implement to keep people “updated” even if there is no change from month to month. Goes a long way on the customer service side of things.

Patience is a virtue, and I knew what I was getting into the moment I saw “Q3” on the preorder site 4 months ago. I only reached out as I thought I had been skipped and asked the framework team simply if my order was still valid and “in the queue”.

Just figured something directly from framework was nice to see and people in the community would be interested. Good to see its a 4 email process with a few days notice at least. something like a week would be nicer but oh well, I’m not the one running this business.


If that’s right, I’ll have the chance to get 64GB of RAM. :face_holding_back_tears:
For some reason, it’s not currently available on Amazon, and the next delivery date is at the beginning of September.

About status updates I personally like the StarLabs way of communicating status updates.

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Kingston Fury Impact KF556S40IBK2-64 is available in Europe.
2x32GB @5600MT/s

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people telling people to be patient is so tired at this point. anytime someone speculates the release date someone comes around and tells people to calm down and wait. we are just having fun speculating and banting. everyone understands the challenges and that delays happen and no one is upset.
so I think we can chill with the be patient messages and let’s continue to baselessly speculate and get excited about the release date.
I predict delivery of my fw in the next 69 minutes.

lol literally just got an email update just now

thank you for the update fw truly appreciate:)<3


Just received this update via email:

Unfortunately, due to electrical issues we recently found during validation along with late firmware delivery from our silicon vendors, we’ve had to delay the start of mass production for Framework Laptop 13 (Ryzen 7040 Series) until September.


Unfortunate to see the delay, but frankly I’m glad to just get some kind of update on it. Stuff happens, I just wanna be informed so I can work around it. Figured with how late it was getting, something had to be up.


It seems the team doesn’t plan on implementing a firmware fix for high power draw when empty USB-A expansion cards are used for the rear two expansion card bays.


As far as I understand it, this is one of the issues they are still trying to fix, before shipping out the AMD boards and laptops.

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Yeah, it read more to me as “We don’t know how to fix this yet, or if we can with just firmware, but we know it’s an issue and will work on it.”


Honestly, I can’t imagine wasting the two USB4 ports for a USB-A connector anyway. That’s what the front left port will be for.

That being said, I’ll be looking to see what else comes out in the meantime to see if I stick with my preorder.

Love the concept of Framework, but I really prefer 2-in-1 devices. If something I like better comes out first, who knows.


They are very committed to as much customization as possible, it seems. Personally, I’d take an early unit and just dedicate the two rear ports to USB-C permanently, but that would be… difficult to communicate tactfully.


I had wondered if Framework would have some difficulties given how few other 7x40U laptops are on the market currently. Even with AMD’s engineering support, you’d think that their timeline would be behind the large OEMs who already have experience building AMD laptops, but even with this delay Framework may still be one of the first 7640U systems available for sale. And that’s on top of the challenges of the expansion card system and simultaneously shipping a new gen of Intel product and designing the 16.

I’d certainly prefer that they get it right than rush it, and the communication is much appreciated.


I’m glad they are finally letting us know what’s happening. I’m surprised that there were several issues to delay it. It would have been nice to know sooner, but I must say, having all of these issues laid out at once, is probably better than having the information sent out in pieces as the problems came up. I certainly wouldn’t have bought memory and an SSD if I had known we won’t get it until September. I’m debating about switching to Intel.

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I would have just ordered a 13th-gen Intel version at this point, but I already got DDR5 RAM so I’ll ride out the wait. I would much rather wait than have faulty equipment.

Yeah, I’m just as guilty of it as others, but there’s a reason people don’t advise buying components until you’re ready to build a machine (i.e., in this case, having the Framework either confirmed shipping or in hand), most of us will be well outside the return window for components when it arrives so we’ll be stuck going through RMAs with individual sellers if there are any issues. It’s rarely worth any “savings” you get.

It’s a lesson I didn’t learn the first time when I had to RMA a faulty GPU I bought a month before I had everything ready to build and test.