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We appreciate the kind words. :slight_smile:


Just deleting posts without a trace is a little iffy


Thanks for the transparency. Do you expect to have “fixed” USB-A ports by the time Batch 6 ships? If you don’t, do you plan on replacing expansion cards with high power usage with ones that are OK?

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Going off topic and calling products buggy without a specific point isn’t happening in this thread.

There is constructive, detailed criticism worthy of discussion here. We’re aiming to keep this thread readable and on topic.

Continues going no where, it will be closed. That’s what happened.


Not commenting on this at the moment, but questions like this are welcome and on topic. Thank you for the asking.

Thanks Matt. Can you then comment on how bad the impact of the “high” power usage is? How much of the laptop’s battery life is getting lost?

I’ll see if I can tap an engineer Tues when I get back to my desk. :slightly_smiling_face: Great questions.

Thank you! :hugs:

If idle/sleep power draw from certain expansion cards is substantial and is caused by retimer behavior that can’t be changed then would it be possible to reduce power draw with changes to power delivery controller firmware? I see that the CPYD6227 power delivery controller that is listed on 12th gen mainboard schematics has a programmable cortex m0 in it and is connected to the retimers. The limited Kandou retimer documentation I can access also talks about “initialization and configuration operations” through a connection to the “Power Deliver (PD) microcontroller”. Would it be possible to program the power delivery controller to simulate a usb disconnect or otherwise turn off the retimers when the device is in a low power/sleep state?

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Anyway: Is the retimer behaviour in accordance with what Kandou advertised or not?
Did they supply an erroneous product or was their product unfit for the use case?

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As Matt said above:

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As nrp mentioned above “As far as we are aware, there are no USB4 retimer options currently available for AMD platforms that would resolve this issue”. Simply, if you want USB 4, that’s what it is. I would take this behaviour rather than have no USB 4.


For what it’s worth, I am a bit curious about the schematics-
unless it is impossible to publish them like for the models before.
Can someone give me a hint about this? I would be happy to
know where to start finding a solution on my own before I receive my 13.

You can find past schematics for the 11th and 12th gen boards on their Github pages but not the newest stuff. They will probably not release the schematics for the AMD board until months after released as they have been working on revisions recently before its release (doubt releasing schematics is at the top of their priority list). But all the info on how to mitigate the power draw is already there. For HDMI and Displayport, while a full solution requires further investigation into firmware, having a HDMI 2nd or 3rd gen (or modified 1st gen) or a 2nd gen Displayport will help to reduce power draw. For the USB A ports, you can take a look at the “Passifying the USB A Card” thread but note it won’t work with unshielded devices.

I am well aware of that “USB connector connecting GND lines” thing, but I would like to try something else :smiley:

New email. It seems to be the same situation with USB-A empty or 2.0 devices in the two rear expansion card bays.


Framework, regarding the USB-A (Empty or USB 2.0) can you comment on the current power draw in mW for “High power draw” vs “ok”? For example, does “ok” mean equivalent to USB C when empty, or does it have higher power draw?

Hey Matt! Have you had the chance to ask an engineer yet?

Not yet, but once things settle down (it’s been a wild, wild week), I will be inquiring. I am setting up a reminder now.

Thank you, take your time.

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