[RESPONDED] AMD Framework 13: Kernel builtin config


I am in the process of setting up a framework 13 laptop. And while I’ve gotten most things to work, audio is still non-functional. I am guessing I need specific firmware for SOF.

So would it be possible to validate and provide some guidance on any additional kernel config/firmwares that need to be loaded/enabled?

I’ve pushed the current KConfig to gist

It doesn’t use SOF.

Here’s a reference for what you need:


13 and 16 are identical for audio.

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Was following Framework Laptop 13 - Gentoo wiki which mentions SOF. I could try RTK codecs because that’s what is failing rn

Cannot probe codecs, giving up

Intel version needs SOF. AMD doesn’t use it.

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Yes, thank you! Not sure why the gentoo wiki mentions SOF, but totally not needed.

For reference, here’s the final kernel config that I am using with the fewest drivers enabled and everything loaded as a built-in

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It was an Intel thing. But not an AMD thing. :slight_smile: