[RESPONDED] AMD Ryzen 7040 (7840U) - Arch Linux amdgpu errors, blank screen on opening Steam

Yes I removed it now. I will check back tomorrow if deep sleep is working and if there are any display artifacts when using my dock


Update: Without the option, artifacts are still there.

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Yeah I don’t know what it is but on Arch, a weeks ago the GPU became completely unusable for me.

  • Firefox causes errors like the one mentioned in this thread.
  • Video playback in Firefox is very laggy and can cause the system to crash
  • The amdgpu driver crashes randomly leaving the system unusable which then needs a hard reset.
  • DPMS also seems to cause it to crash more often.
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Hello all,

Is this issue still present and relevant on latest kernels ? 6.8.x ?? Has anyone been able to test ?

I see the same issue on 6.8.2


For me it had not been present for a few weeks after setting just UMA_GAME_OPTIMIZED (and not the sg_display kernel argument), but it came back this week, on Arch around 6.8.x, currently x=4)