[RESPONDED] Any Fix Fingerprint reader on Fedora

I do dual boot windows but don’t use fingerprints with it. When enrolling fingerprints it worked for the first few but I think it allowed me to enrol too many.

I’ve tried numerous fixes now and keep getting led back to an app image on these forums that doesn’t run, even after installing a dozen dependencies. It’s ubuntu based and at this stage I’m considering installing ubuntu next weekend, then wiping it again.

Has anyone fixed the “Corrupted Message Header Received” error using either fedora or windows.

Does anyone know what that app image actually does well enough to provide terminal commands?

Hi @Ross.Audio ,

Welcome to the community, can you link the app image you have tried to use and the guide?
let’s see if the guide you’re following is up to date.

Also how many enrolled fingerprints do you currently have?

fprintd-list $(whoami)