[RESPONDED] Arch Linux: Headphone jack recognized but still disconnected

OS: Arch Linux, running KDE Plasma 6, Pipewire audio
Laptop: Framework Laptop 13

This is simply enough to explain: I plug in my headphones. My headphones pop. KDE plays the “device connected” sound… from my speakers. I open up pavucontrol, and it says that headphones are disconnected. I later unplug my headphones. KDE plays the “device removed” sound.

In other words, KDE can obviously tell when I plug in my headphones, but it seems like Pipewire isn’t getting the memo. Any ideas?

Hi @Ray_Redondo ,

welcome to the community, can you check on pactl if indeed headphones are visible on the system when you connect it?

Hello! Update: it looks like headphones are being detected, but they’re on a separate device from the speakers (unlike most laptops I’m used to where the headphone jack is just attached to the same audio card). Now my problem is that it doesn’t automatically switch, but that’s something I can figure out.

Thank you!

Hi do you have any update? I cannot figure this out :frowning: PS: i have the same config