[RESPONDED] Exiting Steam game on Arch (Gnome DE) ends in white-screen, Maximized browser video causes white flickers


I’ve received my AMD motherboard for my framework laptop 13 today and swapped out my intel 11th gen immediately.

I noticed something when trying to play a steam game:
Alt tabbing out of the game-window doesn’t lead to my desktop but a white-screen.

Further, when quitting the game (either via menu or via alt f4) I don’t return to my desktop but said white-screen. This is only “fixable” by forcefully shutting down and rebooting the system via the power button.

Both of the games I tried this with were “fmod” games (whatever that is), one of them was “Astrea” if reference is needed.

I’m not entirely sure what’s going on here. I didn’t force the usage of a specific Proton version. As for mesa, I did just install the mesa and mesa-vulkan packages of the arch repo that’s pretty much it.

This didn’t occur under intel so I assume it’s an issue with the AMD GPU or sth.
This also doesn’t occur with other titles such as Dragon Age Origins.
Any help or hint for troubleshooting this would be appreciated!

The white-screen/white flicker also occurs when trying to maximize video playback in the browser, e.g. maximizing any youtube video, but it only consistently happens after some kind of prerequisite has been met that I haven’t figured out yet - And it resets with a reboot.

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Please give this a try:


Perfect, that did the trick from what I can gather! At least Astrea didn’t cause any problems with it and Alt Tabbing is easily possible.

Now just to fix that I don’t have to manually boot from file because of the SSD (I saw there’s an article to update the SSD drivers but that only specifies what to do for windows) and basically all my gripes that I could find are solved :smiley:

Either way, I’d say the problem of this topic is fixed, for the other one I’ll just wait for whatever instructions support will send me.

Edit: Out of curiosity, what is the “cost” of that setting? I assume higher battery consumption?

Edit 2: Left comments that added the info you gave me here in the AMD upgrade guide knowledge base document. Thanks again!

It reserves 4gb of RAM instead of 512MB exclusively for moving memory around for the GPU .

It has zero cost other than reducing system ram and if you have >=32GB of ram should be the default IMNSHO.

Also it appears scatter gather ( optimal memory page management use beyond the reserved portion for vram)is broken on Phoenix at the moment. If you’re running a kernel older than 6.2 it is disabled by default and got enabled by default in the 6.2 series you can disable it with amdgpu.sg_display=0 and will fix screen corruption on resume when GPU vram has been hit i.e whilst gaming prior to sleep.