[RESPONDED] AMD Ryzen 7040 Series - Display-Flickering in Fedora 39 beta

Hi there!

I have graphical artifacts on my display from time to time. These occur when I open videos, start a game via Steam or sporadically from time to time. Has anyone else experienced anything like this? Other than that, the system is stable.

I suppose it could be either the beta version of Fedora or the still very new drivers. At this point, I hope it can’t be a hardware defect.

Attached some pics from my issue.



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YES! I have this. I thought it was an issue with sway at first untill it persisted to i3 and gnome. I feel like a fool for not checking the framework forums sooner. For me it mostly happens when the returns from suspended state if I did put it into that state myself. It generaly looks like your last picture. But the amount of screen it takes up can change if I change the refresh rate. Is there a solution yet?

The thread to follow was linked above, please give this a try:

I had the same flickering problem and setting the Advanced->iGPU Configuration->UMA_GAME_OPTIMIZED fixed the issue for me.