[RESPONDED] Failure to suspend in Zorin 16

Laptop fails to suspend fully - the display backlight remains on, and there’s a tiny white cursor-like underline in the upper left corner, denoting an empty terminal - one time there it spat out an error message about failing to change the power setting, and also saying something about acpi and resume async, I think?)

I’m currently running Zorin 16 (I know Zorin is not officially supported, but it is based on Ubuntu and I figured that would make it close enough - if a little delayed.) I suspect this issue may be fixed in Zorin 17, but I’d like to see first if others know more than I do on this topic, before messing with that.

The lid closing appears to register, but doesn’t tell the laptop to suspend. I can see the screen hasn’t gone dark at all, when I have the lights off in the room so I can see the glow, until the usual idle time has elapsed. for it to go to sleep on its own.

I’m using Zorin 16 - I know it’s not supported, and I know it’s out of date, and these issues may be fixed in later versions. I’m wondering what the appropriate fix for this issue was (since there is a record of it occurring in the past, but I was unable to determine which fix got rolled into later releases, or whether others are having this issue with Ubuntu as well, which Zorin is based on.)

I attempted the recommended edit of /etc/default/grub to change the “quiet splash” value, to no apparent effect here. Any input from those who know more?


Also note this is a separate issue from the one where I mention that suspend isn’t occurring correctly at all on Zorin 16 - that is not an issue with the lid-closing settings, but is rather that when I do push the button to cause it to suspend, it fails to do so properly. I ascertained that these are two separate issues.

I’m not sure about the 16 situation, but I know on the 13 there is a OEM kernel that is getting used. My guess is that an OEM kernel is necessary as well for Zorin as it is based on Ubuntu LTS.

Maybe check out the 13 guide for Ubuntu LTS and see if anything there can help you.

Run scripts/amd_s2idle.py · master · drm / amd · GitLab

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We do not test against Zorin, so starting with a current kernel and Mario’s suggestion to troubleshoot: