[RESPONDED] Farewell: A Summary of My (Early Adopter) Framework Laptop Journey

Dear Framework Community,

Today, I share my reflections on my journey with Framework, marked by hope, technical anticipation, and genuine excitement for a modular, sustainable laptop.

From the outset, I was captivated by Framework’s vision to create a laptop that could adapt to changing needs, aligning perfectly with my role in IT security. The possibilities seemed endless.

However, the reality I faced was different. Within the first year, my Framework laptop began to reveal hardware issues: USB-A ports failed to recognize devices, the trackpad posed problems, and the system sporadically shut down. Troubleshooting, engaging with the community, and even an RMA failed to rectify the root problems.

As a user, I expected the longevity and quality of the Framework laptop to surpass the initial warranty period. Regrettably, my expectations were not met. The laptop’s hardware durability is questionable, and the 12-month warranty hints at potential hardware failures within a remarkably short timeframe.

Pricing for replacement hardware equals or surpasses that of refurbished laptops from other reputable brands like Dell ( http://dellrefurbished.com/ or http://dellrefurbished.ca/ ). This raises significant concerns about the cost-effectiveness and sustainability of the Framework laptop in the long run.

The BIOS reset issue, where the system fails to wake up from sleep without being plugged in, is an inconvenience that underscores the need for consistent, reliable performance. As someone who relied on this laptop for academic pursuits, these disruptions impacted my studies significantly.

I share this farewell not out of bitterness, but as a heartfelt plea for improvement. Framework, I believe in your mission and potential. I urge you to strive for a product that not only adapts but endures, standing the test of time and earning the trust of your dedicated community.

Thank you and farewell.


Hello @ezhik,

We’re sorry to see you go, and given this post, I wanted to make sure nothing was missed on the Support side. I see two tickets from you, one from 2021 about a keyboard connector which was resolved through RMA as the last response from you on that item was you stating that the process was a smooth one and that you were satisfied with no additional follow-up.

The second ticket started in April of 2023 and our Support team was troubleshooting alongside you, but after requesting additional information on April 30th, we did not receive a response from you until September 27th. As you were outside of warranty, our team continued to troubleshoot with you but unfortunately, the options we provided did not meet your expectations.

We can have our repair center review your laptop, for a nominal fee, and if a root cause is identified after review, we can provide the options available and perhaps offer refurbished alternatives to resolve the very specific issues you are experiencing and have reported.

I’ve responded on your ticket, and if you’d like our repair center to review your laptop per the pricing shared, we’ll get that going for you right away.



Hello @TheTwistgibber ,

Thank you for your response and understanding. I want to provide some additional context and insight into my situation, particularly regarding my hesitation to further invest in the Framework laptop.

During the pandemic, my family, like many others, faced significant challenges. The Framework laptop was the primary tool my wife relied upon for her online courses, especially when educational institutions transitioned to virtual learning. Given the circumstances, any downtime or disruptions due to technical issues were not just inconveniences but potential impediments to her education.

My wife persevered through adversity, using the laptop to complete her studies and graduate in August. However, the recurrent issues with the laptop only exacerbated her stress and anxiety during this critical time. The struggles she faced due to hardware malfunctions impacted her ability to deliver projects on time and added unnecessary strain during an already demanding academic journey.

In considering the offer for a repair review at a nominal fee, I have reservations. Given the financial strain experienced during the pandemic, I’m cautious about investing in a solution that might not provide the long-term reliability needed. My concern is that even if the laptop is repaired or refurbished, the issues might reoccur, leaving us in a similar predicament.

Thank you,

Hi @ezhik,

That’s completely fair and every person has their own unique circumstances that may make the current available options provided incompatible.

Given this, while I have no other options to provide, might I suggest that you consider offering the laptop to the Community for sale as I’m sure you would be able to get a fair price for it, and there are members that are technically savvy that might be able to identify and resolve the issue quickly upon physical review. It’s important to be transparent about the issues you encountered and offer it “as is”.

I do hope that you are able to find a laptop that is better aligned with your family’s needs and wish both you and your wife the very best as we have all experienced our own unique struggles throughout the pandemic and during this difficult economic downturn.


Hello @TheTwistgibber ,

Thank you for your prompt and honest response. I deeply appreciate your adherence to Framework’s policies and protocols, which are, indeed, crucial for any business to maintain.

The essence of Framework’s design—modular architecture and ease of repair—remains a significant positive. It was a defining reason for my initial investment in a Framework laptop. This design represents a departure from the typical vendor lock-in, providing users with the freedom to choose and replace components.

While I may not be pursuing further repairs or investing more in this particular laptop due to personal circumstances, I do acknowledge and respect Framework’s stance in managing support matters within the framework of established policies.

Nevertheless, this has been a disappointing experience for me. I had high hopes for the longevity and reliability of the Framework laptop, given its innovative design and my positive initial interactions with Framework.

Thank you once again for your understanding and assistance throughout this process. I wish you and the entire Framework team continued success in your endeavors.

Best regards,


I can hear the disappointment in your posts, and as a long-time adult student I can absolutely feel your and your wife’s frustration echoing through time. I can imagine how ugly that laptop must look to you after all that. Still, I hope over time you’ll be able to put that into the context of the first iteration of a product, one which is particularly complex to get right.

Ultimately, I think your hopes for the advancement of the product are well on their way to being realized, and a Framework can be worthy of your trust the way you had hoped for in the first iteration. Of everyone attempting to do something like this, no one looks as promising as Framework. Keep an eye on it!