Anyone decide to return?

Just curious. Anyone happen to decide to return their laptop, If so, why?


Not even a little bit. The hope of a modular repairable laptop is the dream I bought into. The problems being highlighted now are software in nature and not hardware.

My laptop is fully functional. I have every confidence Framework will be able to address most if not all of the issues being highlighted. What they’ve been able to accomplish is truly impressive.


I don’t have mine yet…but like @2disbetter is saying, if it’s software, it can be fixed. AND, if it’s hardware, it can be swapped out.

What’s there not to like? This has to be the future for a sustainable planet.


I’m returning mine… but only because my cpu was DOA and I’m getting a replacement one shipped out to me first.

IDK what you think, but I honestly think that not only it’s great that this is possible because everything is modular, but this would make RMA’s sooooooo much easier, “Your battery is inflating? Let me send you another one! Woops, one of the speakers doesn’t work since the device arrived? No problem, new speaker coming right up!”, not only the company saves in shipping costs (is not the same sending a tiny USB module than an entire freaking laptop, but is way more ecofriendly due to all the packagement and e-waste saved

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I would imagine that right now as they spool up availability that they might not be able to do this just yet, but are they sending you a new mainboard, or do they need to send you a whole new laptop?

In the end it doesn’t matter that much because what you sent back can be repaired thanks to the design and will be like new. Not wasted or thrown away.

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Nope they already shipped it out, it will be here tomorrow. They shipped me a complete unit and I’m going to send my original unit back to them so they can diagnose it and keep the parts.


That’s some pretty good turn around and service. Kudos Framework.

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Honestly with a year long warranty I’d rather just ship it out to them and have them do it. It’s better to have them touch everything so you don’t accidentally break something and void the warranty.

Really, the replaceable stuff it for when you’ve gotten out of warranty and need to replace or upgrade something. Just my 2c

Yeah, I’m “trying” to return but only due to temporary financial constraits (college bills). I hope to get back on track in the future. Love the concept.