[RESPONDED] Fedora 40 KDE - Steam games not scaling to resolution of second monitor

I have the FW16 connected to a secondary monitor with 1920x1080 resolution.
I’m using Fedora 40 with KDE Plasma.

When I open steam games on my second monitor, they are scaled to the resolution of the laptop’s screen. Changing the resolution of the game just makes it smaller.

Additionally, several of my games will only open on the laptop screen, even if my second monitor is set to my primary display.

I have attached an image that showcases the first problem.

Is there anything I can do to fix this?

gamescope might work to convince the game that the screen size is different to what it actually is

you might also want to look in the games graphics settings and see if there is a monitor select

Turns out, even if I configure my primary monitor in KDE’s display settings, it does not show up as my primary monitor in xrandr. I had to reconfigure that and it works just fine now

are you using kde wayland? if you are, it could possibly be that xwayland doesnt get the same settings (most games (and anything run under wine) lack native wayland support)

It is KDE Plasma, and it seems that is a known issue where xwayland apps do not have their environment variables set properly

Believe this is a known issue on KDE, as linkypete has indicated.

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