[KDE] [XWayland] - What scaling settings are the most comfortable?

Curious what people are rocking in the following settings -

  • Fractional scale percent
  • Font size
  • Resolution
  • Any env vars
  • 160% (150% was giving me odd font rendering errors)
  • Left it on default settings (Hack 9pt for Monospace, Noto Sans 8pt for small text, Noto Sans 10pt for everything else)
  • 2560x1600
  • None set at the moment
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Actually, when laptop alone I don’t use any scaling.
It detects all as required quite well (use KDE Plasma 6.0.5 with Wayland - no XWayland).

When I’m on my external 4K screen, I actually use 125% scaling

Then again, I use KDE Neon which uses the latest KDE Plasma …

How can I get between 100% and 200% on Fedora 40? Ubuntu allows you to define intermediate scalings but Fedora doesn’t for some reason, at least not by the same method as Ubuntu. If anyone knows how i would like to know.

My last laptop was a Macbook Pro 2016. I’m used to larger text.

KDE should have it available out of the box. If you are on GNOME, there is an option for large text buried in the accessibility settings, which is probably your best bet.

I’m using Wayland (or whatever it is that is the standard Fedora 40 installed DE). I have it manageable by using 1900x1200 instead of the full screen resolution, but Ubuntu has many more options under ‘scaling’. The large text option under accessibility helps, but i found things were best using scaling at 175% under Ubuntu. I wanted to try Fedora but I’m very tempted to go back to Ubuntu at this point.

For GNOME (which is Fedora’s default DE) you’ll need to enable fractional scaling, which requires running this command:

gsettings set org.gnome.mutter experimental-features "['scale-monitor-framebuffer']"

Then you should just need to log out and log back in, and then you can change the scaling in your display settings.

Nope, didn’t change what settings I could do, still only allows 100%, 200%, 300%, and no fractional scaling option, even after a reboot.

That’s weird. If you run gsettings get org.gnome.mutter experimental-features does it return ['scale-monitor-framebuffer']?

I’m not running Fedora 40, but I’m running NixOS where I’ve set this in a similar way, and this gist details the same steps:

Or this article:

One of those links describes Fedora as having Gnome 45, but mine appears to be saying 46.1. I suspect that the Fedora group have removed the ability to change things. Even attempting to modify the monitor.xml file mentioned in the first link fails and the scale gets returned to an integer value.

Thank you! I had the same issue at 150% and was just wondering if I should eat it or do something else. I’m gonna try this now.

I use my fw16 at 133% (with sway), since that gives a round 1920x1200 resolution, which also plays well with games and more. I am using Inter 12 for the interface, and JetBrains Mono 11 for the console, but I’m still trying some alternatives for the interface.