[RESPONDED] Graphics Module on Linux

So I have just gotten Ubuntu installed on my new Framework 16 with the graphics module, and I cant seem to get it to work… Windows picked it up just fine and the driver install worked perfectly… I installed some sort of driver i think, from AMD, though if you look for this specific card on their website, there only appears to be a windows version of the driver. Any suggestions?

I don’t think you need any drivers since it’s already part of the kernel. Did you use the guide?

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Techie_Zeddie is right. You don’t need to install anything. AMD GPU drivers are already included in the kernel. You can run an application on a dGPU by using DRI_PRIME=1 for example DRI_PRIME=1 cheese. I would recommend reading the guide Framework | Linux Compatibility on the Framework Laptop .
The gpu switching options on linux are limited. You might find more information in this thread: [RESPONDED] MUX switch toggle in BIOS? - #48 by John_Obscurant

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Just need to make sure you follow:

If you ventured outside of the guide, I would as you to start over following out guide closely.