[RESPONDED] Handling problems with foreign companies?


I wanted to buy a (first) framework Laptop for my company.

As you will not bill without VAT to a foreign company (trying to get the VAT back will cost more time and work than it would be worth) it would cost me around 500 Euros more.

And just now, I wanted to tell you this via the Business contact form. Guess what: there are companies in Germany using a gmx.de email address. E.g. me. So if you don’t accept my email address …

Seems my next Laptop(s) will be no frameworks.



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Hi @ Wittig_MarCom_Servic

Not entirely sure if I understand what you’re asking. However if you would like to reach out to our B2B team, this would be the place to do so.

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No sorry, this is not the place to go, because:

First thing I have to fill in is my business-email-address.
The field does not accept my email address, as it is a xyz**@gmx.de**

Please send this Thread to the B2B team.

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Spoke with our B2B department, the forum blocks some email providers to prevent spam. They did indicate you may contact them at business@frame.work for further assistance.

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Thank you Matt!

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